Fast, Sleek, Intuitive On Boarding & Induction on Your Mobile

Reduce admin and data entry errors

Reduce admin and data entry errors

Mumba Cloud automated workflows and system integrations reduce data entry errors
Increase productivity

Increase productivity

By eliminating manual admin, managers and HR admins can focus on what is important
Efficiency and morale gains

Efficiency and morale gains

Staff enjoy a seamless onboarding process, are focused and perform better
Improve visibility and audit records

Improve visibility and audit records

Visibility across the entire onboarding process and central storage of forms and documents

Onboard and induct your new starters seamlessly.

  • Challenges

    Reminders and follow ups

    Missing or incomplete information due to incomplete packages being received

    Duplicate data entry

    When using manual processes, businesses are having to spend more time on processing forms which also results in increased risk of data entry errors

    Poor employee experience

    Negative first impression from new starters due to not having the right tools to begin working on day one
  • Solution

    Customise and configure Mumba Cloud

    Mumba Cloud solution is easily customised and configured with eforms, validations and workflows

    Integrate with existing systems

    Integrate your existing sytems such as payroll, training and other business systems

    Instant notifications

    Notify employees, managers and payroll via email, onsite and push notifications when action is required
  • Outcome

    Cost savings

    Due to reduced administration and data entry errors

    Increased productivity

    Spend more time on important business tasks by eliminating manual admin and follow up processes

    Improved compliance and audit records

    Information is securely and centrally stored and accessible when required

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  • UXC Red Rock

    UXC Red Rock

    “Mumba Cloud is changing the face of enterprise software the same way that Apple revolutionized the smartphone. I've used them and I'm very impressed.”

    Jonathan Rubinsztein
    CEO - UXC Red Rock