EmpowerHR & JadeStar MOBILE APP

Introducing the EmpowerHR & JadeStar Mobile App

Mumba & Fusion5

We are excited to announce that Fusion5 has selected Mumba Cloud to be the official and exclusive mobile app for their EmpowerHR and JadeStar products!

This means that if you’re a customer currently running these products, you’ll be able to use Mumba’s multi-award-winning mobility solution to turbo-charge your employee self-service experience.

We’ve been working very closely with Fusion5 to ensure that employees can access the most important features of EmpowerHR and JadeStar from their personal mobile devices.

Each customer that implements Mumba will get access to the relevant EmpowerHR, JadeStar modules along with Mumba’s additional features and benefits.

Chris Radley, Executive Director of Fusion5 said “we’re excited to partner with Mumba Cloud as we recognize their ability to deliver a seamless employee experience across any device.” He continued, “We believe that our customers will obtain the best value from our products by implementing Mumba Cloud so that their employees can easily access payroll, leave, update their personal information and receive communications from any device including their mobile phones.”

Fusion5 and Mumba are currently offering EmpowerHR and JadeStar customers a special ‘early bird’ deal for sign-ups before 30 June 2018 with delivery expected in the second half of the year.

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