Turn Leave Requests into a Mobile App Today

Submit and manage on the go

Submit and manage on the go

Submit and manage leave requests on any mobile or desktop device
Cost savings

Cost savings

Reduce manual data entry, processing errors, printing and storage
Improve productivity

Improve productivity

Save time spent on submitting, managing and approving leave
Simple integration

Simple integration

Easily integrate Mumba Cloud Leave Requests into any existing IT system to rapidly mobilise...

Leave managed anywhere.

  • Challenges

    Duplicated effort

    Using manual paper based processes often results in duplicated data entry and increases the risk of data entry errors

    Visibility and access issues

    Managers, employees and payroll experience delays with obtaining and finding leave information when using manual processes

    Increased costs

    The cost of printing and storage of documents can be a considerable cost to the business
  • Solution

    Integrate or configure Mumba Cloud

    Mumba Cloud solution can easily integrate with your existing leave systems or be configured to allow you to complete these processes within the Mumba Cloud system

    Employee self-service app

    Employees, Managers and Payroll can securely access, submit and manage leave requests from any desktop or mobile device

    Instant notifications

    Business stakeholders involved in the leave request process will be notified via email, onsite and/or push notifications when action is required
  • Outcome

    Improved productivity

    Manual processing is eliminated, leave information is easily accessible and time spent on following up required information is reduced

    Enhanced user experience

    Employees, Managers and Payroll can easily access and manage leave requests on their phones, tablets or computers

    Significant cost savings

    As a result of reduced manual data entry, entry errors, printing and storage

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  • UXC Red Rock

    UXC Red Rock

    “Mumba Cloud is changing the face of enterprise software the same way that Apple revolutionized the smartphone. I've used them and I'm very impressed.”

    Jonathan Rubinsztein
    CEO - UXC Red Rock