Mobile Access to Payslips via Any Payroll System

Accessible anytime on any device

Accessible anytime on any device

Employees can access their payslips on the go on any mobile device
Reduce operating costs

Reduce operating costs

Reduce costs associated with payslip generation and distribution
Easily search and retrieve

Easily search and retrieve

Remove clutter and difficulty finding pay information
Reduce requests from employees

Reduce requests from employees

Reduce the number of support requests from employees requesting payslips

Payslips made easy.

  • Challenges

    Business costs

    Large amounts of money are spent on printing and distributing payslips when using manual processes

    Payslips are not easily available

    Employees have difficulty obtaining pay information in a timely manner due to manual distribution

    Queries from employees

    The volume of support requests increases due to employees having an inability to easily access payslip information as and when required
  • Solution

    Integrate with Mumba Cloud

    Mumba Cloud solution can easily integrate with your existing payroll systems

    Employee self-service app

    Employees can securely access their payslips via mobile or desktop devices anytime to view, print and email payslips

    Simple e-Form and notifications

    Provide employees with a simple form to submit an online enquiry. The enquiry will then be sent as a notification to the appropriate business stakeholder to manage
  • Outcome

    Significant cost savings

    Payroll administration costs associated with printing, distribution and support requests are significantly reduced

    Enhanced employee experience

    Employee experience is improved with the ability to access payslip information from any location when required

    Improved productivity

    Reduce requests and create more time to work on important business tasks

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  • UXC Red Rock

    UXC Red Rock

    “Mumba Cloud is changing the face of enterprise software the same way that Apple revolutionized the smartphone. I've used them and I'm very impressed.”

    Jonathan Rubinsztein
    CEO - UXC Red Rock