Launch your self-service portal with a single business app

Accessible anytime on any device

Accessible anytime on any device

Employees can access their payslips and profiles on the go on any mobile device
Reduce operating costs

Reduce operating costs

Replace HR21 and iChris at a fraction of the cost
Enhance your employee experience

Enhance your employee experience

Employees have a single app to easily view their payslips and update employment details
Improve communication

Improve communication

Broadcast information to employees and allow employees to easily submit questions

One app to access your IT landscape.

  • Challenges

    Employee adoption and interruption

    Introducing a new app creates challenges with employee adoption and results in interruptions due to training, support requests and change management

    High numbers of employee requests

    Employees often have questions around their pay or employment details leading to a high volumn of calls and emails that need to be managed by Payroll

    Increased maintenance and operational support

    With every new app a business needs to account for increased maintenance and operational support
  • Solution

    Integrate with Mumba Cloud

    Mumba Cloud solution can easily integrate with your existing payroll systems such as Chris21 and act as a single app for all your businesses needs, therefore eliminating the requirement for multiple apps

    Introduce new features

    New features can be easily introduced into the single app when needed. This includes leave, rosters, operational communication and more

    Secure and maintained

    All hosting, maintenance, security updates and support is included in our service - all backed by our Enterprise SLA
  • Outcome

    Significant cost savings

    Reduced investment in upgrading, change management and administration costs

    Enhanced employee experience

    Employees have a single application and interface to easily manage their profile, payroll and more

    Improved productivity

    Training and employee support is heavily reduced

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  • UXC Red Rock

    UXC Red Rock

    “Mumba Cloud is changing the face of enterprise software the same way that Apple revolutionized the smartphone. I've used them and I'm very impressed.”

    Jonathan Rubinsztein
    CEO - UXC Red Rock