Top 10 Communication
Issues Solved

Large enterprises have been suffering with internal employee communication issues for decades. In recent times, Enterprise Social Networking has emerged to help solve these issues thereby increasing productivity and employee engagement. The following list explains the Top 10 internal employee communication issues facing both senior management and employees.

If you suffer from one or more of these Top 10 Communication Issues listed below, then Mumba Cloud could be the solution you're after.

1. Internal Comms and Management are struggling to communicate with dispersed employees in multiple office and site locations

Problem: Employees are spread amongst multiple office locations and geographic regions. How does management effectively communicate with specific sites or groups of employees?

Solution: Enterprise social networking applications offer 'group communication' tools that allow special grouping of employees in each office, region or site. Once employees are assigned to their respective groups any announcement, discussion, event or private message is automatically distributed to the group members (via email, mobile phone or online).

Mumba Cloud offers an advanced rules module to automatically allocate employees to groups based on their payroll information (only available to Enterprise customers).

2. Non-office, contractor, franchisees and mobile employees feel disconnected from the business

Problem: Dispersed workforces often feel disconnected from the corporate head office and co-workers in other locations. How do we help franchisees, contractors, part-time and mobile staff to feel part of the action?

Solution: Business Social Networking is specifically designed for all employees to communicate with each other and the business. Mumba Cloud is specialised in offering secure access to contractor, franchisee and casual employees based on their payroll data. Access to the secure network is via any smart phone or web-browser ensuring mobile and non-office based employees can access the same information as office staff. Mobile employees keep up to date via their online activity stream and notification systems that automatically generate both online and email news bulletins.

3. Employee are just not responding to traditional internal communication channels

Problem: Management struggles to reach employees via traditional communication methods. We send out letters, notes in payslips, posters in lunch rooms with little response. How can we change this?

Solution: Mumba Cloud allows management to send targeted messages to relevant employees based on advanced search filters.

Employees (without regular computer access) have the ability to setup their own email notification and news bulletin frequency. A customizable mobile phone application allows employees to bring their own device (BYOD) to access secure company information. Relevant and timely messages are the key to getting a response from employees.

4. We are being overloaded by information and emails

Problem: We regularly receive complaints that employees receive too much information and cannot determine what is important. How do we break down the clutter and streamline our internal communication?

Solution: Through a range of business social netwokring tools, Mumba Cloud uses a combination of methodologies to help employees filter relevant information. The key is to identify the important messages and plan a strategy to ensure they reach the intended recipients.

5. IS / IT departments are overloaded and can't support any new initiatives

Problem: Our IS department is stretched and cannot manage or support a private social business network. We just don't have the budget or resources. How can we make this happen without it becoming an IT burden?

Solution: Mumba Cloud is a completely managed solution that is hosted in the cloud. We perform all the system management, upgrades and maintenance. Our systems are deployed with enterprise grade security and we have plenty of documentation to satisfy IT requirements.

Furthermore, enterprise social networking software is evolving at such a rapid pace that your IS department would never be able to keep up with development. We offer stable, leading edge functionality with peace of mind.

6. Our business knowledge and IP is not being captured or is fragmented at best

Problem: We're writing documents, sending emails, scribbling notes, answering questions and more however all this great information is lost, hidden or spread around multiple locations. How do we capture, catalogue and easily re-discover this information?

Solution: Enterprise Social Networks bring together a multitude of modules and internal communication tools that are all integrated and indexed into the same system. One single search query will locate information that has been generated throughout the entire system. Information discovery can further be enhanced by exploring each particular component.

For example, new starters can easily explore 'new starter' documentation (both official company and staff generated) stored in the "document manager", "browse the new starter group" or browse the "new starter" company pages.

7. Staff feel disconnected and have lost touch with senior management

Problem: Employees are regularly complaining that they don't know what is going on in the business. They hear announcements weeks after the fact or via the media. How do we reconnect with Senior Management?

Solution: Mumba Cloud will significantly improve the information flow throughout the entire organisation. Senior managers can easily create announcements, write blogs or publish short messages for their teams, connections, groups or the entire company. Managers can also gain immediate feedback and easily track the pulse of the company. 

8. Our co-workers aren't keen to join our company Facebook pages

Problem: We've setup a company Facebook page to improve communication however our employees are not keen to mix their social and work lives.

Solution: Mumba Cloud offers all the communication tools found on Facebook (and Linkedin) so that you can harness all the benefits of social media communication in a secure and private social business environment.

Private social networks are often considered to offer all the advantages of Facebook without any of the drawbacks (such a privacy, security, social vs business etc).

9. We're using all kinds of third party file sharing and communication tools

Problem: We don't have the right tools to share and collaborate over projects, documents and events so our co-workers are starting to use all kinds of online 3rd party tools to get the job done. This is causing inconsistencies, is potentially insecure and will create confusion (and potentially chaos) in the long run. How do we implement universal tools that are secure, protect our IP and are easy to learn?

Solution: Document storage, management, collaboration, project management and more are standard features of Mumba Cloud. What's even better is that these tools are integrated into all the other features allowing employees to leverage these tools inside of other powerful communication and collaboration tools.

The best news is that these tools are secure, customizable and you own all the data and Intellectual Property. Mumba Cloud also integrates into Microsoft Sharepoint allowing powerful document management and synchronization (which is perfect for access outside of the secure intranet environment).

10. Staff turnover is increasing and on-boarding costs are soaring

Problem: Business is more competitive than ever. Our staff turnover rates are increasing and in turn our re-training, re-skilling and on-boarding costs are spiralling. How can Mumba Cloud assist us to reduce costs and decrease staff turnover.

Solution: Philosophically,  employee engagement, satisfaction and motivation is directly linked to the level of internal employee communication and interaction. The research is clear that employees need to feel included as part of the broader team. They need to understand and believe in the brand that they are working towards building. Mumba Cloud significantly increases internal employee communication throughout the entire organisation, leading to improvements in employee engagement and a reduction in staff turnover.

Practically, Mumba Cloud includes a range of tools and applications that are designed to improve staff training, on-boarding and re-skilling. Please view our 'Features & Tools' page and 'App Store Addon' page to view further information about our tools (such as our Knowledgbase application) that will help in these areas.  


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