Mobile ADP Payroll Employee Self Service
with Mumba Cloud

Considerations for enterprise mobile app development

Are you seeking to provide mobile Employee Self Service integration into ADP payroll?

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If so, you're probably aware that ADP Australia don't offer an API for Payforce customers to connect to. So how do you:

  • Mobilize ADP so that your employees can easily update their personal details and view their payslips on their mobile phones?
  • Provide single sign-on so that employees can login to ADP using their Active Directory login (or any other login credentials for that matter)?

Below are 5 key reasons why you should take a look at Mumba Cloud today:

  • Reason 1: Mumba Cloud provides an affordable mobility solution to ADP payroll services for Australian & New Zealand employees through the Mumba Cloud One Interface app
  • Reason 2: Within a few weeks you can deliver ADP Employee Self Service (ESS) to your entire workforce
  • Reason 3: Employees can update their personal information, view payment summaries, view detailed payslips, download payslip PDF files and more - all securely through Mumba Cloud
  • Reason 4: Mumba Cloud does not store employee information and is completely secure
  • Reason 5: You are able to integrate ADP payroll and other business services into the same Mumba Cloud app, such as Chris21, Kronos, SAP, Oracle etc.

This information above is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the date of publication and may change from time to time. Mumba Cloud is an independent company and is not affiliated with ADP in any way.

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