Internal Communications is the 'holy grail'
of Employee Engagement

mumba cloud internal communications birdsNot only is Mumba Cloud a unique cutting edge internal communications platform, but its software and architecture also enables clients to configure it to their precise internal communications needs.

Mumba Cloud’s flexibility and nimbleness thereby optimises outcomes across a wide spectrum of essential applications as documented in our many case studies for clients of all sizes and genres.

In order to glean perspective however, our overarching principles in continuously taking internal communications to the next level would be very well received by evolutionary theorists including the likes of Charles Darwin.

Since the beginning of life in its innumerable forms, order and development have depended on relationships and interdependency. These in turn have relied heavily on communications for their evolution and enhancement.

Neanderthals, frogs, birds, animals, whales, family structures, armies and even sports teams, to provide but a few examples, all rely on many forms of communications to provide or exchange information and to co-operate with each other.

Even babies get in on the act as studies show that the single sound that rises above the surrounding clutter, as discerned by Humans, is the cry of infants. Without this ability to communicate issues such as hunger and discomfort, many babies would not survive to early childhood.

When historians, evolutionary biologists and other experts consider what makes good systems work, many may well conclude that "Communication is the number one key to success". Clear and appropriate messages, delivered in the most fitting manner and ‘voice’ and initiated at the right time all enhance the probability of optimising outcomes with the appropriate audience.

Mumba believes, therefore, that 'communications' could arguably be the most powerful element of both business and life generally.

Our passion at Mumba Cloud is to continue to utilise, and constantly improve, the full potential of modern internal communications in tandem with cutting edge technology and easy to use interface, all of which will provide practical solutions to help drive employee engagement.

This, we believe, will enhance contentment, motivation and passion and ultimately enhance productivity in the workplace. In this regard, Mumba Cloud continues to play a substantial role by connecting large numbers of employees across diverse locations in ways undreamt of in years gone by.

Mumba believes that history and evolution combine to prove that communication is in fact the 'holy grail' to achieving true employee engagement.

If you can truly communicate with your people you can raise the bar, over and over again, and continuously set new standards of excellence and achievement, exponentially over time.

But it's not just people communicating directly with people. It's also people communicating through computers, digital networks and broader touch points that continue to grow daily.

Generally, there is still much dysfunction, incompatibility and communication breakdown that exists in the workplace and beyond. This needs to be overcome in order to be as efficient and productive as possible in the work place, something which Mumba Cloud can help achieve.

In fact Mumba Cloud is busy advancing the internal communications space at this precise moment in a way that even Darwin wouldn’t have believed!

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