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homepage announcementMumba Cloud is a revolutionary social business software platform that is fully hosted and managed in the Amazon AWS Cloud.

It is designed to turbo-charge internal employee communications by enabling information to be rapidly distributed to groups and individual employees. It is easily integrated into existing Intranet platforms (such as SharePoint), IT Legacy Systems (such as Oracle, SAP) or deployed as a stand-alone Enterprise Social Network.

Next Generation Social Intranet

Mumba Cloud includes powerful Social Intranet capabilities making it the perfect choice for companies seeking a total employee communication and collaboration package. Focused on boosting productivity and employee engagement, Mumba Cloud is infused with social collaboration tools such as workspaces, knowledgebase, broadcast groups, thought leadership, videos and documents.

Looking for a new Intranet?

Mumba Cloud turns a traditional intranet into a social intranet. It works in combination with leading intranet packages to expand access to information with social functionality. Employees connect with each other and the business using the most effective enteprise social collaboration tools.

private phone messages sDeploy as an Enterprise Social Network

Regular Intranets with social features can't offer true Enterprise Social Networking capabilities. This is because they don't have the social communication and collaboration functionality built at their core. Mumba Cloud is different because it has social business communication in its DNA and therefore delivers a true social collaboration solution for teams, groups, departments and the entire company.

Deploy as an Integration into Enterprise IT System

Mumba Cloud includes system integration features for major vendors including Oracle, SAP and Active Directory. Mumba Cloud instantly becomes the single point of entry for all IT Systems and when integrated with Single Sign On, offers a seamless user experience.

The key benefit is that IT Departments have a fast and cost effective way to upgrade the legacy IT interface. Another key benefit is to expand access to information outside the on-premises network to mobile phones and tablets.

The best way to see for yourself is to launch an instant Mumba Cloud 30 day free and unlimited trial. Click here (no credit card required).


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