An Alternative to SAP Fiori:
Mumba Cloud

Are you considering an implementation of SAP Fiori?

Mumba Cloud is an alternative solution for Australian companies seeking to obtain the benefits of SAP Fiori without the expense.

Below are 6 key reasons why you should take a look at Mumba Cloud today:

  • Reason 1: You need to be running the latest version of the SAP modules for what you want to 'Fiorize'. This usually means employing SAP consultants and an expensive upgrade process
  • Reason 2: You need to be running the SAP HANA infrastructure for Fiori which again, is a large and expensive upgrade
  • Reason 3: There is an implementation cost to installing, configuring and deploying Fiori - more SAP consultants
  • Reason 4: If you want additional Fiori features or to fill 'gaps' in the workflow but you don't have the SAP modules that would perform the desired outcome then you need to purchase those SAP modules which again accelerates the expense. E.g. if you want workflows then you must purchase SAP Workflow which is expensive and time consuming to install and setup. Mumba Cloud already provides many features that fill the gaps, such as our workflow feature
  • Reason 5: You need a Fiori for each department i.e. one for HR, Finance etc. This means you could still have a number of apps depending on the number of processes. Mumba Cloud is one single app with a single license fee irrespective of processes
  • Reason 6: Mumba Cloud can integrate with any back-end business systems (as long as there is a web-enabled API). This means that if you are running anything in addition to SAP, Mumba Cloud can integrate with it - Fiori on the other hand is SAP centric.

This information above is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the date of publication and may change from time to time. Mumba Cloud is an independent company and is not affiliated with SAP nor Fiori in any way.

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