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Successfully Engaging & Motivation Remote & Dispersed Teams


Successfully engaging and motivating remote and dispersed teams requires a concerted effort in order to succeed.

In her post entitled 6 Simple Tips for Motivating Remote Employees, Darleen DeRosa, has highlighted six ways in which remote employees can be engaged and motivated to perform at their best. Below hones-in on 4 of these important points:

Make time to build relationships

The best teams require strong interpersonal relationships and are developed on a foundation of mutual trust. In the case of remote relationships, these need to be developed at a distance, which is more challenging than on a face-to-face basis. DeRosa is of the view that, wherever possible, remote workers should have the opportunity to participate in meetings and to interact with other team members, even if this only on a virtual basis. In addition, she believes that whilst work related issues should be at the forefront, that the inclusion of non-work related conversations can be extremely beneficial in relationship building.

Offer training and development opportunities

Workers who are provided with an opportunity to upgrade their skills are said to be far more motivated and remote workers generally require far greater flexibility in this regard. As such, online training makes it far simpler for employees to participate, especially if it’s accessible via their mobile phones.

Establish ways to recognise and reward remote employees

Whilst coaching and feedback are crucial for remote teams it is also essential to recognise the achievements of all team members and reward them, even if only by way of positive communication. This will often encourage members of dispersed teams to go the proverbial ‘extra mile’.

Use Technology to stay connected

DeRosa emphasises the important role that technology plays when it comes to remote teams. She points out that having the right technology solution also enables managers to communicate with employees and provide assistance and support as required.

We at Mumba Cloud place special emphasis on the technology as we have found that the right software is critical to underpin any engagement and motivation efforts with remote and dispersed employees.

It is easy enough to make these points but difficult to execute on them. With an Enterprise Mobility Solution like Mumba Cloud, communication, information and access to systems becomes accessible to employees on any device. With an open communication channel established, the possibilities are endless.  

Contact Mumba Cloud today to learn how our multi-award-winning Enterprise Mobility Solution can assist your organisation with employee engagement and communication with remote and dispersed workers. 

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