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Top 10 Leadership Insights from Tanveer Naseer

Top 10 Leadership Insights from Tanveer Naseer

We here at Mumba Cloud are on a mission to assist our customers in enhancing their business performance – therefore it is only natural that we look inwardly and focus on our internal performance as a business too.

Whilst one’s own experience is highly relevant, learning from others is equally important, especially in this regard.

Excellent insight into this area is provided in a recent blog by Tanveer Naseer entitled: My Top 10 Leadership Insights for 2015 and is based on leadership aspects garnering the most interest from his considerable following, in 2015.

These insights, in ascending order, with Mumbafied input of our own, are:

10) Words do not simply impart information they also influence how people perceive the value of what you do as leader. Naseer emphasises that many problems in communications and engagement are brought about by a lack of understanding and appreciation of how the efforts of employees impact the ‘bigger picture’ or shared purpose of the company.

From Mumba Cloud’s perspective we can certainly identify with this. Infact we even go as far as believing that effective internal communication is the ‘holy-grail’ to achieving true employee engagement.

9) People don’t get excited about efficiency, rather about work that matters. In this regard, the workforce needs to feel they are performing tasks that make them feel satisfied as people, not just employees.

While the purpose of Mumba Cloud is to improve business efficiency, from an employee or manager perspective this isn't exciting but rather uplifting because that person can rather focus on tasks that matter instead of 'wasting time' submitting a leave request, checking a payslip or authorising an expense claim.

8) Employees need to feel that you care about them as well as your organisation’s goals. Your workforce needs to believe that you genuinely care for them and that they are not simply a means to a monetary end. Greater understanding and connectivity are both key.

Transparency and communication go hand in hand and once again, these ideals are built into the core philosophies that drive Mumba Cloud to be different and to stand apart from clunky prehistoric enterprise software vendors.

7) Have Compassion and insight and learn what employees need to be successful. Leaders need to be good listeners, strive to understand what makes employees ‘tick’ and what they believe will enhance their work experience. Leaders also need to implement whatever actions they can, in this regard.

We often find that mid-level employees are caught up with meaningless tasks because they don’t have the expertise to build an effective business case for streamlining a cumbersome process. When your team does however come forward with one, as Naseer intimates; listen and act.

6) Leadership does not depend on titles but your ability to inspire followers. Employees are not inspired by grand titles or gestures but rather by the qualities, actions, and achievements of leaders, in a collaborative environment.

5) Leadership is not about accepting mediocrity in the status quo. Rather it is about challenging this and inspiring ‘the troops’ to strive for excellence, through leading by example.

4) The emotional environment leaders create is crucial. This is linked to what workers perceive as making them feel valued and what it takes to move ahead in the organisation and the emotions these elicit.

Emotional benefits in this context also translate into workers being motivated primarily by internally driven processes, as opposed to perks and rewards.

3) Leadership is not about the Leader but in bringing out the best in those you lead. Leaders should focus far more on developing others than on themselves in the workplace.

2) Placing the emotional construct over technical ones. Whilst there is no denying the relevance of technical skills, Naseer is of the view that emotional competencies must take priority. This means creating and nurturing relationships through understanding and collaboration between leaders and those who follow them.

For large and dispersed workforces, a solution like Mumba Cloud delivers the tools required to practically build and manage these types of emotional bonds across teams and individuals.

1) As a leader you need to protect your team. Great leaders protect their teams against political manipulation and ego driven initiatives such that they are able to focus on the compelling vision and goals that the leader represents.

In conclusion, these top 10 leadership insights add excellent perspective and provide interesting ways to illustrate a few key areas in which Mumba Cloud can help bring these important goals to fruition.

For more information about Mumba Cloud, please download our solution Whitepaper or Contact us.

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