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Sept News - HR Portal, Workplace Conference, Employee Spotlight and More

Sept News - HR Portal, Workplace Conference, Employee Spotlight and More

As September rolls past we take stock of this month with a look at our most popular use case. Mumba is easily configured to various business purposes however, our most popular is using Mumba as an employee HR Portal. Be sure to checkout our HR Portal and request a quote (and make sure to watch the demo video).

In October, Mumba will be attending the TAPS Workplace Review conference at Sheraton on the Park in Sydney. If you are looking at innovative ways to combine various HR systems then be sure to come say hello, we're at Stall 7.

Over the past few months our team has continued to grow. We're proud to shine the spotlight on Rob Beatie, one of our new recruits that looks after our front-end UI.

The Mumba blog has been busy this month with 2 new thought leadership articles looking at the issues of investing in mobile apps and the strategies for delivering better IT applications.

As always, we invite you to email us about any of the areas covered including how Mumba’s simple yet powerful solution can help increase productivity across your business in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Latest News

Mumba is exhibiting at the TAPS Workplace Review

sep16 taps bannerThis year, Mumba will be exhibiting at the TAPS Workplace Review conference at the Sheraton on the Park in Sydney on 20 - 21 October 2016.

Come and meet some of our team and see first hand how Mumba can transform your employee self service infrastructure. We'll be at Stall 7 so drop by or contact us to book a meeting time.

Employee Spotlight: Rob Beatie

sep16 rob photoThe Mumba team has been growing over the past few months so this month we feature, Rob (aka Rex) who is one of the newer members of our engineering team.

Other than working for Mumba, Rob is a guitarist, sound engineer, graffiti artist and an education enthusiast. We asked Rob the 3 big questions:

Why did you join Mumba? I had released a few projects that caught Greg's eye (Head of Engineering). After he explained the Mumba mission I was on board and now I am a devout Mumbarino.

What are your responsibilities? My main responsiblity is to stay up to date on tech like Angular and TypeScript and to ensure our modules are top notch and current (and make sure Greg is happy).

What are you working on? My main focus is front-end UI. I'm also learning about our micro services and continuous integration which fascinates me each day.

Did you know?

Most Popular Use Case: HR Portal

sept16 hr portalMumba is capable of mobilising many different operational systems and processes.

To date, our most popular use case has been creating a one-stop employee HR Portal.

By combining our payroll, T&A, policies and communications modules, Mumba makes it extremely easy for employees to submit their timesheets or leave requests and view their rosters, payslips, policies and company news, all within the same app and with the exact same look and feel interface.

Take a look at our use case page, watch the demo video and submit the form for a quick quote. Alternatively, if you are interested to learn more about Mumba's HR Portal then please book a demonstration.

Latest Thought Leadership

sept16 blogSeptember's thought leadership blog titled "Investing in Mobile Apps Is Tricky Business" focused on the risks associated with investing in mobile apps for business.

Drawing from recently published articles we look at some of the trends effecting the industry and also pose our point of view (which is sometimes in contradiction to the norm).

Another thought leadership blog this month titled "How to Deliver Better IT Applications to Business Users" is also worth a read for CTO's looking to bridge the gap between IT and the business.

Mumba Cloud Solution Whitepaper

Please download the latest Mumba Solution Whitepaper now.

Why Responsive Websites Are Not Good For Enterpris...
How to Deliver Better IT Applications to Business ...

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