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Seizing The Opportunity - Communicating & Engaging With Your Dispersed Workforce

Seizing The Opportunity - Communicating & Engaging With Your Dispersed Workforce

Large organisations with remote workers typically operate in highly competitive and mature industries such as Facilities Management, Security, Catering and Construction. In these sectors, profit margins are often low, so it is imperative they keep overheads to a minimum to optimise the bottom line and remain competitive.

In a post titled "How Enterprise Mobility Software Impacts Blue Collar Workforces" we highlighted two reports recently published by IbisWorld in which the Australian Facilities Management Services and Catering Services sectors were analysed in detail. Both sectors undertake activities that are highly dependent on large numbers of dispersed blue collar workers, many of whom (particularly in catering) are casual. Whilst these sectors do have varying degrees of IT expertise and excellence, their efforts to utilise IT to communicate with and manage remote workforces is typically disappointing.

This means that many organisations, where remote workers constitute a significant part of their workforce, are failing to derive the immense benefits attainable from installing and utilising advanced IT solutions to communicate and engage with their staff.

This is particularly relevant as a number of studies internationally, have shown that the proportion of remote and dispersed workforces within companies is growing significantly, and that this trend is expected to continue.

For those companies operating with the complexity and inefficiency of outmoded or paper based systems, it is very difficult to engage, interact and communicate effectively with their remote or dispersed employees. These old methods ultimately prove costly and cumbersome.

In light of this, advanced solutions such as Mumba Cloud offer a high impact and scalable way to communicate and interact with remote staff, whilst at the same time reducing overheads and enhancing engagement, staff satisfaction, productivity, and ultimately the bottom line.

Mumba Cloud’s Enterprise Mobility Solution attains all of the above and more by combining existing IT systems and business processes into a single app with the same look and feel interface. Mumba is secure, powerful, cost efficient and so easy to use that employees don’t need any training. Mumba enables employees to access a host of Workforce Management applications, using a simple interface that is optimised for employee's personal devices such as Smart Phones, Tablets and desktop.

In addition to its superior engagement, interactive and communication capabilities, Mumba Cloud eliminates the need for time consuming and costly paper based transactions across an enormous range of applications including on boarding, rosters, leave applications, learnings and many more.

Importantly, the savings with Mumba Cloud are tangible. Take on-boarding for example. Mumba Cloud converts a range of manual and disparate systems into a simple, streamlined process that saves our customers substantial amounts each week, thereby contributing directly to profitability.


Companies operating with dispersed or remote work forces are woefully undervaluing and under-utilising advanced IT systems to communicate with their staff and, as such, are missing the opportunity to perform far better.

What is needed is a new strategic approach whereby a proven, secure and cost efficient IT solution such as Mumba Cloud is leveraged to enable employee engagement and value from these disparate systems.

We look forward to discussing how best we can assist your company to optimise its performance and bottom line. Please contact us on +61 02 9313 420 or request a demo now.

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