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Overcoming Employee Resistance to New Technology

Mumba Overcoming Resistance

Introducing new technology solutions into organisations can have substantial benefits for all stakeholders, including greater productivity and profitability. However, unless this transition is carefully planned and implemented, organisations often experience employee resistance with a high potential to be counterproductive.

An article by Rebecca Knight, in the prestigious Harvard Business Review, entitled Convincing Skeptical Employees to Adopt New Technologies highlights salient points in this regard.

Quoting a study by MIT Sloan Management, Knight presents evidence whereby 63% of managers contended that the pace of technological change in the workplace was too slow, due to a “lack of urgency” and poor communication. Developing her stance further Knight makes the following significant points:

  • During a period of IT transition, managers have a duty to make employees feel comfortable, as many are not tech savvy and others have a knee jerk reaction to all things new.
  • Management must choose technologies wisely in terms of meeting their enterprise’s key objectives, and ease of use. Technologies that require ongoing and difficult training with complex manuals, are a sure way to initiate pushback.
  • Training should, therefore, be simple and customised.
  • The case for new technology should be clear and the advantages carefully explained. Done correctly, this will greatly enhance acceptance.
  • Get influencers on board, not just geeks.
  • Build new technology into the routine of workers from day one.
  • Highlighting quick wins and making IT fun will greatly assist acceptance.

Mumba’s experience correlates closely with Knight’s assertions and, more importantly, our Enterprise Mobility Solution not only overcomes issues relating to staff pushback but also provides a number of outstanding features that gets employees onside from the outset. This is highly advantageous from a management and productivity perspective.

As one example, most IT providers overwhelmingly require employees to download and use many mobile apps, with different interfaces, logins and procedures. This in turn requires costly training and change management.

Understandably, most find this difficult and off-putting, thereby initiating large degrees of resistance with the downside coming at a high financial cost. Conversely, Mumba Cloud bundles all external platforms into a single app, with one simple interface, that works seamlessly across a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets.

The considerable savings accrued by using Mumba Cloud are covered in some detail in this article.

Mumba Cloud is, in fact, so simple to understand and use that it obviates the need for training thereby eliminating the typical learning curve. Furthermore, additional features are incorporated in the same simple and hassle free manner and, as such, enables remote and dispersed staff to utilise and enjoy Mumba’s unique and highly cost efficient solution, from day one.

In this regard, outstanding testimonials from management and staffers alike provide solid testimony to the outstanding outcomes our clients have experienced firsthand.


Whilst conventional and complex offerings in the area of enterprise mobility solutions for companies with large or dispersed workforces often causes costly pushbacks, Mumba’s class of its own Enterprise Mobility solution alleviates this by combining all external applications into a single app interface, thereby making it extremely easy to use without any training. This in turn has a major upside for ROI.

For more information on how we can best assist your organisation, please contact us today.

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