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Oct News - The State of Employee Self Service & More

Oct News - The State of Employee Self Service & More

October was an exciting month with the on boarding of a few new customers and employees. We look forward to sharing some of these stories in upcoming newsletters.

One market trend we've noticed emerging is that organisations with existing Employee Self Service (ESS) capabilities are now actively looking for third party mobility solutions as they recognise the existing "responsive website" approach to mobile access simply isn't cutting the mustard.

We attended The Association For Payroll Specialists (TAPS) Workplace Review 2016 Conference in Sydney and started the discussion with over 200 Payroll and HR Professionals asking their opinions on the value of their ESS. See below for results and you can also get involved by completing our State of ESS 2016 Survey - we're giving away a set of premium Strachan Steak Knives to one lucky participant.

From a tech perspective, we're proud to announce the stable release of Oryx, our ground breaking new front-end project build tool. When managing and building front-end libraries, Oryx now cuts our engineering time from 3 hours to 15 minutes. See below for further information.

Our latest video demo features our Rostering module. Take a look at how Mumba integrates into any Time & Attendance system providing easy access to Rostering, Shift Swaps, Timesheets, Leave, Payroll, Intranet etc. If you don't have a Rostering system Mumba can replace your paper processes using Excel file imports.

This month's Thought Leadership follows the theme of ESS and analyses the difference between a Responsive Website and a Native Mobile App. The article features industry research so if you're interested in learning why a mobile app is better than a responsive website, make sure you read this article.

As always, we invite you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about any of the areas covered including how Mumba’s simple yet powerful solution can help increase productivity across your business in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Latest News

The State of Employee Self Service in 2016

mc oct surveyLast week we attended the 2016 TAPS Workplace Review conference in Sydney and spoke to over 200 Payroll and HR professionals to get their opinions on how well their ESS was performing.

The key learning is that most HR and Payroll professionals believe their ESS usage is sub-standard and the business value negligible. Furthermore, the major issue cited is that employees simply don't remember their passwords to multiple systems so don't bother using them.

In light of these trends, Mumba has launched a survey to broaden our research into the State of Employee Self Service in 2016. Complete our 30 second survey and stand a chance to win a beautiful set of Strachan Steak Knives. We'll publish the survey results in next month's newsletter.

Tech News Update

Introducing Oryx - Mumba's Front-end Project Build Tool

mc oct oryxWe're proud to announce that our head of front-end engineering, Scott Robinson has finally launched the stable version of our new project build tool called Oryx.

Oryx is a very special configurator and orchestrator that brings powerful management and automation of our front-end modules and other projects through a single command-line interface.

Oryx allows our engineers to rapidly update and compile code and configuration through the dependency tree without needing to edit each library and manifest individually reducing a 3 hour workload to 15 minutes.

If you're interested to learn more about the tooling behind our front-end application and how you could use some of our dev tools and design patterns in your organisation then please contact us.

New Video Demo: Rostering

This latest video on Rostering demonstrates Mumba being used as a mobile interface for employees to view their Rosters via T&A systems such as Kronos. Mumba's Roster module can also be used as a replacement to manual rostering processes via a simple Excel file upload.

Employees can swap shifts, request new shifts etc and any rostering updates are sent to the relevant people via push notifications.

Best of all, Mumba offers the exact same interface for Rostering regardless of the underlying system so employees can easily transition between Rostering, Timesheets, Leave, Payslips, Profiles, Training, Policies etc. all within the same app and without any training.

mc oct rostering

Latest Thought Leadership

mc oct responsiveFurther to the theme of Employee Self Service this month's Thought Leadership blog takes a look at why Responsive Websites are a poor option for Enterprise Mobility. Even though a website is low cost, easy to deploy and maintain, the negative user experience is a key reason behind low employee adoption.

The article is based on industry research that compares Responsive Websites to Native Mobile Apps.

If you are interested to learn more about the difference between a mobile app and responsive website please contact us for a demonstration.

If you haven't already, be sure to download our complete Solution Whitepaper. The paper contains detailed technical information and describes the unique Mumba micro-service architecture. This is a must read for CIOs and CTOs and any IT professionals working in Mobility software design.

Please click here to directly download the new Solution Whitepaper now.

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