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Nov News - Mumba Wins a Place In Crisp Vendor Universe

Nov News - Mumba Wins a Place In Crisp Vendor Universe

We are excited to announce that Mumba has won a place as 'Innovator' in the 2016 Crisp Vendor Universe for Enterprise Mobility. Selected amongst Vendors including SAP, IBM, Oracle, Redhat, Salesforce and Microsoft, Mumba is proud to be included in this prestigious report. Please see below for further details.

On a non-business note, in November we celebrate a couple births as two of our Mumba families welcome their bundles of joy into the world. The Mumba team wishes our families all the best, and good luck over the coming months!

Recently, our engineers have been busy updating our MYOB PayGlobal integration allowing for even better Employee Self Service (ESS) results. PayGlobal customers can easily deploy Mumba to improve their existing ESS capabilities so that staff can quickly update personal details, view payslips and more, right from their mobile phones.

Continuing the theme of Employee Self Service, our November Thought Leadership takes a look at why employees simply don't use your ESS. We're still running our State of ESS 2016 Survey - so if ESS is important to you then please participate in the survey and stand a chance to win a set of premium Strachan Steak Knives.

As always, we invite you to contact us about any of the areas covered including how Mumba’s simple yet powerful solution can help increase productivity across your business in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Latest News

Mumba wins a position as 'Innovator' in the Crisp Vendor Universe for Enterprise Mobility

The Crisp Vendor Universe is a distinguished research report similar to the likes of Gartner, however the research is specialised across certain enterprise topics and targeted for the German and European market.

Mumba is extremely proud to have won a place among 21 global Vendors in the 2016 Enterprise Mobility research report under the category 'Platforms for Mobile Field Services'. We were awarded the position as an 'Innovator' and compared against the likes of SAP, IBM, Oracle, Redhat, Salesforce, Microsoft, Service Now etc.

At present, the report is only available in German but we expect an English translation soon so we'll be able to share further information about the report in coming months. For those German speakers feel free to take a look here.

crisp vendor mumba cover em

Congrats to Jess & Anthony, Mumba has 2 new babies!

In November, the team at Mumba celebrate the birth of two new bouncing babies (from separate families!).

mc nov jess bubA huge congratulations to Jessica Williamson, (the head of our customer delivery team and the talented presenter in our Mumba video's), on the birth of her baby girl. Born just days apart we also congratulate our CEO Anthony Zets who is also celebrating the birth of his child.

We wish both their families well and many of our staff are already volunteering to look after the babies in the upcoming months :)

Tech News Update

New Integrations - PayGlobal Self Service

Our engineering team has been working on a new MYOB PayGlobal integration that allows employees to easily login to the Mumba app to view and update their personal details, view and email their payslips and more.

For those companies using PayGlobal Self Service, the Mumba integration will allow for a major usability upgrade as the existing PayGlobal ESS interface is a little dated and not the most mobile friendly.

Please contact our sales team if you'd like to learn about upgrading your PayGlobal Employee Self Service using Mumba today.

Latest Thought Leadership

Mumba ESS BannerThis month we published an illuminating blog looking at why your employees are simply not using your Employee Self Service (ESS). Take a look if you'd like to also learn how Mumba tackles ESS to deliver optimal business value.

Our research into ESS is continuing and we ask everyone interesting in this topic to respond to our 2016 survey on the State of Employee Self Service in ANZ. One lucky respondent will win an amazing set of premium Strachan steak knives.

If you haven't already, be sure to download our complete Solution Whitepaper. The paper contains detailed technical information and describes the unique Mumba micro-service architecture. This is a must read for CIOs and CTOs and any IT professionals working in Mobility software design.

Please click here to directly download the new Solution Whitepaper now.

Jan News - 2016 Review & Looking Ahead
Employees Simply Don't Use Your Employee Self Serv...

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