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Mumba Wins Gold in HR Service Provider Awards 2017


Shortly after our collaboration with ISS Facility Services helped secure the 2017 Australian HR Award in the “Best Use of Technology” category, Mumba Cloud has again been honoured with a Gold Medal in the highly prestigious HRD (Human Resources Director) Magazine Awards.

This is a significant achievement bearing in mind that HRD’s Annual HR Service Provider Rewards recognises and honours the most outstanding HR business partners across Australia.

In what many regard as one of the most competitive categories, Mumba Cloud secured its prestigious victory in the HRIS (Human Resource Information System) category against high calibre competition, including SAP Field Glass and Frontier Software.

Vendor entries were judged and voted on by a panel of eight highly acclaimed judges, comprising senior HR professionals from a range of industries, all of whom are acknowledged for their expertise within the Australian HR sector. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded based on the number of votes participants received in each category.

In awarding Mumba Cloud the Gold Medal in the HRIS category, judges took into account key factors such as user experience, compatibility and integration with prevailing technology, as well as general accessibility, which they considered a critical factor in todays ‘anywhere, anytime’ world. In addition they also considered cost factors for each of the competing platforms.

In the case of Mumba Cloud, judges were markedly impressed with its ability to assist large organisations, with dispersed and remote staff, that utilised obsolete and fragmented IT systems and processes.

Mumba Cloud achieves this by combining all types of fragmented IT systems into a single app with the same look and user interface, making it extremely easy to use without training, thereby ensuring high user adoption and productivity improvements.  

Extremely relevant is the fact that Mumba Cloud eliminates the need to upgrade existing IT systems in order to vastly enhance user experience or add modern functionality.

To add further perspective to Mumba’s superiority, judges agreed that whilst there are many great tools available to the HR sector, they’re fragmented and difficult for dispersed staff to access. Mumba Cloud’s ability to bring all systems together within a single app was, therefore, regarded as both highly commendable and unique.

One judge illustrated the issue: “The frustration I have is that we have great tools, but they are not connected. I loved the idea of an app that brings all systems together.”

Another judge commented: “As more employees work from home, remotely, and do not all have work computers, it’s a perfect tool for them to access payslips, profiles, leave, rosters and communications on the go. It’s a tool I would want to use as an employee, and has potential to communicate and engage with workforces that are dispersed, mobile and transient.”

The significant trend of hiring remote workers and the fact that the app can be easily used on a host of mobile devices besides computers, played a major role in the decision to vote for Mumba Cloud.

With two additional Awards this year, it’s becoming evident that the Mumba solution is delivering impressive results for companies seeking to communicate, engage and interact with their employees on their personal devices.

Download the HRD HR Service Provider Report

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