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Mumba Wins Australian Business Awards 2018 for Mobile & Software Innovation

Australian Business Awards Winner Australian Business Awards Winner

Just months after winning the 2017 Australian HR Award in the “Best Use of Technology” and "Best HRIS Provider", Mumba is pleased to announce that we have won both the Software Innovation and Mobile Innovation categories of The Australian Business Awards (ABA) 2018.

The annual ABA program recognises organisations via a range of award categories, with core assessment criteria focused on business, technological and product innovation that delivers innovation in employee engagement. Mumba was benchmarked against top performers globally and our Mumba app was subject to rigorous performance standards testing.

Mumba is thrilled to be recognised by the market and its peers for our work in this field.

Our award-winning mobile app enables employers with large, dispersed workforces to communicate, engage and reward their staff anytime, anywhere, from the palm of their employees’ hands. And unlike expensive enterprise applications, Mumba plugs into your existing suite of business apps, providing one easy-to-use interface for all day-to-day tasks. It’s cost effective, quick to implement, and requires no training.

But at Mumba we’re just getting started. The new financial year is off to an exciting start as we onboard a number of global corporations, and later this year we are releasing new modules and functionality which will further cement our place as a key strategic partner for employers looking to maximise employee engagement and workflow efficiencies.

If you’d like to find out more about how Mumba can help you optimise:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Company Communications
  • Payroll / Rostering / Time & Attendance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Access to Everyday Systems

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