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May News - Mumba Cloud vs Custom Mobile App Development for Business

May News - Mumba Cloud vs Custom Mobile App Development for Business

This month's newsletter features Mumba Cloud's new article that compares our unique SaaS mobility solution to in-house or outsource custom mobile app development. Be sure to download this detailed and informative article that is a must read for CIO's and Senior Executives interested in enterprise mobility.

Rikki Levitt is in the spotlight this month as she explains why she's joined our team and provides insight into her role here at Mumba Cloud. Many of our new customers and prospects are familiar with Rikki's fabulous work on their demo app mockups.

Our thought leadership blog this month looks at why you should avoid custom mobile app development and provides a good summary for our article on Mumba vs custom mobile app development.

We've updated our Whitepaper again this month and to celebrate we're giving away a free set of premium steak knives to one lucky person who downloads the whitepaper!

As always, we invite you to contact us about any of the areas covered including how Mumba Cloud’s simple yet powerful solution can help increase productivity across your business in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Featured News

Mumba Cloud vs Custom Mobile App Development

Mumba Cloud's mobility solution brings into question the costs and risks associated with in-house and outsource custom mobile app development. This months article takes an in-depth look at the dangers and expenses associated with custom mobile app development and highlights why Mumba Cloud's solution overcomes these challenges.

This is a must read for CIO's and Senior Executives seeking to better understand the options available when seeking custom solutions. Please download the article now.

For further information and to book a live demonstration, please contact us today.

mumba may vs custom app dev


Employee Profile

mumba may rikkiWe spotlight Rikki Levitt who is an important member of our project and deliver team. Rikki is totally immersed in our Agile delivery methodology and is instrumental in developing our customer demo mockups and performing requirements gathering and analysis. We asked Rikki the 3 big questions:

Why did you join Mumba Cloud? I was looking for an exciting job that was fast paced and challenging. What could be more exciting than a successful start-up tech company pioneering a new Mobility as a Service industry?

What are you working on? I'm assisting with the preparation of spec docs, project plans and mockups. I'm also involved in demo's quality assurance and testing. As I said, it's exciting and challenging :)

What are your responsibilities? Demo mockups, project management, product testing and I'm working towards running my own projects.


Did you know?

We launched our new look website

We understand that the Mumba Cloud website may not be the first site you visit every morning. So we thought to let you know, via this newsletter, to take a look at our new website here.

We've re-written most of our pages to better explain what we do and why Mumba Cloud is an important solution for delivering real business mobility solutions.

Please take a look and contact our enterprise sales team on (+61 2 9313 4280) to discuss a demo or consultation today.

Latest Thought Leadership

Further to our detailed article on Mumba Cloud vs Custom Mobile App Development, this months thought leadership blog takes another perspective on the topic and provides a good summary.

One of the key points related to outsource custom development is when the project is transferred to the client upon delivery leaving the ongoing expenses and risks in managing, upgrading and solving technical issues to the internal IT team.

Take a look now at why you should avoid custom mobile app development. As always, please contact us on 02 9313 4280 if you have any questions.

May Solution Whitepaper

whitepaper imageOur Solution Whitepaper has now been updated for May 2016. Featuring big updates, and a revised technical section. If you're new to our solution or have previously read the Whitepaper (prior to May 2016), we highly recommend that you download the latest version.

We are offering a free set of premium steak knives to one lucky person who downloads the whitepaper via this newsletter!

Please click here to download the May Solution Whitepaper now.

Mumba Cloud Featured in the Australian Financial R...
Why you should avoid custom mobile app development...

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