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June News - Feature Article in AFR & Mumba Launches in ISS Facility Services

June News - Feature Article in AFR & Mumba Launches in ISS Facility Services

This month we are excited to share that Mumba was featured in the Australian Financial Review. The article highlights the growth of mobile apps in business with industry input from Boston Consulting Group and Accenture. Take a look at the synopsis below or read the full article here.

The team at Mumba is extremely proud to launch our app with ISS Facility Services this month. The app is being rolled out in stages and should be completely live to all 13,000 Australian employees by the end of the year. See below for further details.

Our recent thought leadership blog, written by Jeff Leibovici, discusses how Mumba is assisting retail organisations in Australia to transform their internal operations by reducing overheads and increasing store productivity by eliminating wasted time, errors and manual processes.

As always, we invite you to contact us about any of the areas covered including how Mumba Cloud’s simple yet powerful solution can help increase productivity across your business in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Featured News

Mumba appears in the Australian Financial Review

Mumba has been featured in the AFR this month with an article titled "Mumba gears up as mobile app demand rises." The article highlights our recent successes as mobility continues to grow within Australian enterprises.

Angelo Demasi from Boston Consulting Group mentioned in the article that "this market is definitely growing" and he expects enterprise demand for mobile apps to double in the next three years.

Accenture, Australia's mobility leader Abraham Sahley said that he expects mobile applications to become a normal part of enterprise technology however he believes the expense is currently a deterrent.

Most interestingly, the industry pundits have identified the precise issues that Mumba is currently tackling regarding the costs of development and ongoing ownership. In fact next month we are releasing our report that details the 'total cost of ownership' for an enterprise business app. Please contact us if you would like early access to this report.

mc jun afr banner

Mumba launches in ISS Facility Services

mc jun issThe team has been very excited this month to launch the Mumba app in ISS Facility Services.

The roll-out to date has been very well received as site locations are coming online around Australia. The roll-out should be completed with all 13,000 ISS staff in Australia having access by the end of the year.

The ISS app includes notifications, latest news, employee self service profiles, roster integration with Kronos, payslip data from Chris21 and leave requests from Kronos and a manual leave process.

Over the next few months the app will continue to receive new features such as internal communication capabilities with channels, employee directory and more. We will continue to keep everyone updated as we progress.

To learn more about Mumba and to see a live demo, please call us on 02 9313 4280 or book a time here.

Did you know?

Mumba was at Dockercon in Seattle this month

mc jun dockerGreg Keys, our Head of Engineering attended Dockercon in Seattle to discuss topics around micro-services and scalability in the cloud.

Greg hobnobbed with industry experts including Adrian Cockcroft from Netflix fame - who were all very impressed with our technology stack.

Some of the key learning's from the conference include advanced techniques to achieve containerisation so that our micro-services can be easily deployed in swarm clusters with in-built redundancy. We're also looking at using signed containers to verify that we only deploy containers that are cryptographically approved.

If you are interested in using micro-services within your business then please contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance.

Latest Thought Leadership

mc jun retail leadershipThis month's thought leadership titled "Retailers are doing the Mumba with custom mobile apps" highlights the various issues inhibiting retailers from adopting modern software applications to improve business productivity.

Some of the key points raised in the post look at the costs of developing and implementing mobile apps that are tailored for operational purposes and the expenses and resources required for ongoing maintenance and support.

The conclusion focuses on how Mumba overcomes these issues to enable mobility at a low cost and in a short timeframe. As always, please contact us on 02 9313 4280 if you have any questions.

Mumba Cloud Solution Whitepaper

whitepaper imageAlmost entirely re-written we have included a more thorough overview and a highly detailed specification Appendix. If you're new to our solution or have previously read the Whitepaper (prior to May 2016), we highly recommend that you download the latest version.

Please click here to download the new Solution Whitepaper now

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The Immense Importance of Enterprise Architecture ...

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