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July News - New Demo Video & One App vs Many Micro Apps

July News - New Demo Video & One App vs Many Micro Apps

As the new Financial Year kicks off for most, we would like to answer a popular questions posed to our team; "What does Mumba actually look like?" This month we feature a new video demonstration presented by Jessica Williamson that provides a high level walk-through across some of our HR modules. If you've ever wondered what Mumba looks like then now is your chance to take a look.

Enterprise mobility strategy is an extremely hot topic at the moment with many avenues to pursue. One of the most important strategic aspects is the concept of building and deploying many micro apps compared to just focusing on one single app with a single interface to 'rule them all'. Mumba's new article titled "One App for Everything Versus Many Micro Apps" takes a detailed look at this hot topic and is a must read for any person involved in mobile strategy.

In other industry news, Gartner released a report highlighting that only 10% of IT budget is currently being spent on enterprise mobility in 2016 - read our response to this research.

Our recent thought leadership blog, written by Greg Keys our Head of Engineering looks at how Docker containers has assisted us with our Microservice architecture.

As always, we invite you to email us about any of the areas covered including how Mumba’s simple yet powerful solution can help increase productivity across your business in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Featured News

New Mumba Demo Video

Have you ever wondered what Mumba actually looks like and how it works?

Last week Jessica Williamson put together a video walkthrough explaining the Mumba app and giving a live demonstration of our HR modules.

While the video highlights our HR modules, Mumba is comprised of many other modules that are easily customised for different business purposes. Please see our popular use cases and note that we plan to continue improving our video library with new video walkthrough's over the next few months.

mc jul jw demo vid


One App, One Interface vs Many Micro Apps

mc jul microserviceWhen considering the deployment of Mobile apps in business, there are two key strategies; a) developing lots of small micro apps that perform a certain business function or b) deploying a single app with a single interface that contains all the smaller functionalities within the same app.

In our new article, we explore the pro's and con's of one app vs many micro apps from a business perspective of time, cost and user experience.

The article is well researched and is a must read for Enterprise Architects and CTO's developing their mobility strategy. Furthermore, it provides a great industry overview of the mobile app development landscape in general.

To learn more about Mumba and to see a live demo, please call us on 02 9313 4280 or book a time here.

Did you know?

Gartner: Enterprise Mobility spend is down this year

We recently published a blog on Gartner's latest research that indicates overall enterprise IT budget for enterprise mobility is 10% for 2016, down 2% from last year.

mc jul gartWith all the productivity enhancements and overhead reductions resulting from mobility, it is interesting to learn that Australian businesses are slow to capitalise on the solutions available.

We at Mumba believe that one of the key factors behind slow adoption is the costs and complexity involved in mobile app development for enterprise.

Fortunately, our goal is to deliver true mobility at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional alternatives and we are already seeing a positive response to the Mumba solution as we overcome the various obstacles that have historically impeded adoption.

If you are interested in learning more please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance.

Latest Thought Leadership

mc jul microserviceThis month our Head of Engineering, Greg Key's shares his thoughts about why Docker and Microservices are a great match for enterprise mobile app development.

In this article Greg explains how Docker's approach to containers has made the whole concept really simple to understand and more importantly, easy to use.

Greg also explains how our Microservice architecture leverages Docker containers and also ensures we can deploy our services in any hosting environment (even on premise).

If you are interested to learn more about Docker containers or our Microservice architecture then please feel free to get in touch on 02 9313 4280.

Introducing Mumba Open Source
Gartner: Enterprise Mobility Accounting for Only 1...

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