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January 2016 - An Exciting Year Ahead

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Mumba Cloud extends its best wishes to you and your organisation for a wonderful 2016. Like ourselves, we are sure that you are looking forward to achieving much in the year ahead and have exciting plans in this regard.

Before discussing our plans for 2016, however, we would like to share our accomplishments in 2015 with you.

2015: The year that was


mumba cloud mockup mobile smallWe continued to disrupt the Enterprise Software Industry by enhancing our unique single interface portal from both an ease of use and functionality perspective, thereby opening up new worlds of opportunity for clients across Australia, with large, dispersed workforces.

Our cutting edge innovations provided even simpler connectivity for employees to access key backend systems such as payroll, rosters, timesheets, policies, profiles etc. from systems such as Chris21, Kronos, SAP, JDE, Oracle, ADP and more.

This combined with our innovations in employee adoption, mobile strategy and employee communication, positions Mumba Cloud as the leader in a substantial emerging industry in which large enterprises are seeking to cloud enable their business systems, streamline processes and increase business efficiency.


jeff l mcDuring the year, Mumba Cloud has been greatly enhanced by the appointments of new employees including Andrew Eddie, Scott Robinson and Jeff Leibovici (pictured), all of whom add tremendous depth and talent to our already formidable local and international team.

Andrew is the highly acclaimed and legendary founder of the Joomla open source platform. Scott is an accomplished Front-End Engineer and Jeff is a successful and respected enterprise sales specialist with over 15 years top tier sales experience.


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Mumba Cloud continues to add value to customers across a broad spectrum of genres and sizes, and added substantially to its blue-chip customer base. Iconic customers now include ISS World, UXC Red Rock, Compass Group and many others.

During the course of the year we received many compliments from both management and staff. These related to ease of use across many different applications, the value our solutions provide relative to others, cost savings, as well as the exemplary after sales support our team provides.

Many customers also expressed their satisfaction at leveraging their current on-premise investments in Oracle, SAP, Chris21, Kronos and other systems by using Mumba Cloud to deliver mobility. Mumba Cloud continues to provide customers with an optimal technological solution that is nimble, agile and highly efficient, without onerous capital expenditure or high maintenance costs. As such it provides short, medium and long term strategic solutions at a fraction of the cost.

2016: The Year Ahead

Being a cutting edge solution, Mumba Cloud has never rested on its laurels and 2016 will be no exception.

Our aim is to continue to disrupt the growing Enterprise Software Industry by enhancing our already best practice standards of excellence in both existing and new spheres.

In this regard our plans for this year include:

  • Launching our next generation Mumba Cloud platform that incorporates the latest web and mobile technologies, specifically designed for dispersed and mobile workforces
  • Continuing to develop our business system integrations and offering additional business processes thereby saving our customers money
  • Enhancing current business processes with new features that add greater value and usability
  • Continuing to develop new features for our workflow engine that will allow customers to easily create better workflows when mobilising manual processes
  • Prioritising the integration of existing document management systems into our collaboration modules, such that documents are not only easily accessible but are also recorded and referenced in relation to specific workflows, discussions, events, projects and research.
  • Bringing on board a range of new high profile customers whom we are currently tailoring specific solutions for

We are delighted to have reviewed the past year with you and to have shared our exciting plans for 2016.

We invite you to contact us to share your business transformation plans so that we can work together in what will be an exciting year for us all!

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