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Jan News - 2016 Review & Looking Ahead

Jan News - 2016 Review & Looking Ahead

Happy 2017! We would like to wish all our customers, partners and prospects an exciting year ahead with lots a personal and profitable gains. We have huge plans this year, with international expansion as well as major team and customer on-boarding. Stay tuned for our first big announcement, due next month.

Looking back at 2016, the Mumba team is extremely proud of our accomplishments. Most importantly, our unique approach to delivering Enterprise Mobility is being eagerly endorsed by the market as our noteworthy cadre of new customers and re-seller partners has gained impressive momentum. This feature article in the Australian Financial Review covers our amazing progress.

The Mumba team has grown with not only new engineers, project managers and office staff but we've also welcomed a couple new baby Mumbarinos (whom we can't wait to train!). We're proud of our culture that focuses on being proactive, driving for continuous improvement, striving for customer excellence and doing what we say we'll do.

Mumba's Enterprise Mobility technology is so cutting edge, that we have been engaged to assist existing development teams within some of Australia's largest companies to take their enterprise mobility to the next level. Mumba solves the most common problems around delivering mobility in short time-frames with minimal risk and expense.

ISS Facility Services recently published a Press Release highlighting the market leading advantage that Mumba has been delivering to their 11,000 staff in Australia. Scott Erwin, Director of People & Culture commented “With the launch of the MyISS App, we are becoming an employer of choice for cleaners and support service staff, giving them direct, electronic access to their payroll and roster information empowers them and improves our efficiency. Integration with Kronos, our rostering tool, and other ISS technology, has been a complex task, but we feel it is a game changer for how our employees interact with us.”

As always, we invite you to contact us about any of the areas covered including how Mumba’s simple yet powerful solution can help increase productivity across your business in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Noteworthy Wins

HR Portal & Retail POS

Mumba was selected to deliver an Internal Employee HR Portal to a number of large companies with highly dispersed employees. Within the next 6 months we expect more than 100,000 employees to be utilising Mumba on a day-to-day basis to update their personal information, view their payslips, rosters, internal jobs, submit timesheets and leave requests, receive important communications and information such as company news, policies and articles.

In addition to the various HR and communication portals that we've deployed, Mumba has been configured for some interesting use cases such as field-force ticketing systems and most recently, we're developing an e-commerce mobile POS system for employees to use within retail stores.

Near the conclusion of 2016, Mumba won entry into a prestigious Enterprise Mobility Report in Europe being selected as an 'Innovator' among brands including: SAP, IBM, Oracle, Redhat, Salesforce and Microsoft.

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Tech Highlights

Modules & Integrations including Kronos, Chris21, PayGlobal, Riteq, SharePoint and more

The Mumba Engineering and Product Delivery teams have been breaking new ground in terms of Mumba modules and system integrations with tons more expected for 2017.

Our list of off-the-shelf modules is ever increasing and our system integrations now cover many of the most popular and widely used Payroll, T&A, ERP, Finance and Intranet systems.

If you want employee self service without upgrading your systems or if you're aiming to combine Best of Breed software then Mumba has a solution so make sure you call us today.

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Videos, Articles & Whitepapers

Mumba's educational resources are exploding with interesting articles, demo video's and a detailed whitepaper. Here are four of our most popular resources from 2016:

  1. Mumba Solution Whitepaper
  2. Mumba HR Portal Demo Videos
  3. One App For Everything vs Many Micro Apps
  4. Mumba vs Inhouse & Outsource Custom App Development

Mumba is proud to announce the appointment of Mark...
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