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Investing in Mobile Apps is Tricky Business

Investing in Mobile Apps is Tricky Business

Whilst previous research published by Gartner underpinned the view that demand for mobile apps in business will significantly outstrip supply in the years ahead, it is interesting that Gartner is currently of the opinion that companies are struggling to modernise their mobile apps. This, according to Van Baker, mobile analyst at Gartner is because: “They struggle with figuring out how to do what they need to do, so spending is flat. This is why the market is moving slower."

As a consequence, spending on mobile app development as a percentage of budget fell to 10% in 2015, down from 12% the previous year according to a recent Gartner survey.

According to an informative article by Ramin Edmond in TechTarget of 20 July 2016, entitled:‘Struggling’ IT leads to low spending on mobile app development, this confusion is precisely why many organisations that appreciate the growing need for mobile apps are not prioritising them.

According to Edmond, the uncertainty is exacerbated by many IT shops being totally ineffectual when it comes to applying cutting edge mobile app technology to solve key business issues, leading organisations to prefer older paper based processes they are familiar with, rather than utilising the modern mobile app development tools now available.

Edmond is also of the view that many companies are either unable to merge their business processes and mobile apps successfully, or build apps far too complex for their needs and those of their clients. Furthermore, the cost of building custom apps is often prohibitive, such that organisations sometimes become fearful in this regard, and then do nothing, which is another reason for a fall in spend.

His preferred approach is to have multiple apps, each with a different purpose, a ‘solution’ that Mumba does not agree with, having successfully developed a single app and interface that is focused on user adoption, usability, reliable and is extremely cost efficient across multiple applications.

Edmond also points out that some enterprises cut spend by utilising rapid mobile app development (RMAD) solutions that provide templates, without the need to write code, or by embracing mobile back end as a service (MbaaS), which theoretically provides simpler and less costly ways of allowing apps to access the cloud.

Mumba has experience that shows however, that while good in theory, these options are often limited in scope and lack flexibility to meet specific business requirements across various systems and processes.

In a post published in the Entrepreneur on August 10, 2016 and entitled: To Invest in Mobile or Not to Invest in Mobile.. That is the Question, SC Moatti adds substantially to the issue under discussion.

Moatti believes that mobility is so fundamental to survival that ignoring it could result in dire circumstances such as going out of business within five years. She bases this on well-established facts and trends, such as people today spending more time browsing the internet on smartphones than on desktops. She uses Kodak, Yahoo and Nokia as examples of brands that suffered for not adapting or optimising their mobile endeavours.

Some of Moatti’s key reasoning and advice for creating a mobile app includes:

  • more people use more apps than websites, apps have a greater reach
  • it is unnecessary and unwise to invest in too many apps as many are never used (we agree with this point - see our article 'One App, One Interface')
  • the case for having an app is strengthened in instances where products or services have many touch points and require a lot of customer support
  • not only do mobile apps enhance how you deliver existing products and services, but also open the door to new business models, like Uber


While there is a definite market driven need for companies to lift their game in the genres of mobile and mobile apps, many are currently confused as to how to attain this. This in turn is stifling both company growth and app development, respectively.

Mumba provides an optimal solution to organisations of all sizes wishing to incorporate the latest cutting edge advances in mobile apps in a simple, powerful, proven and highly cost efficient manner. Mumba’s mobile app solution addresses the rapid time to market issues, the cost of development and customisation equation and the risk and expense of ongoing maintenance and support.

If you’re interested to see Mumba in action, take a look at our Video Library or contact us for a demonstration.

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