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Introducing Mumba LITE. The easiest way to communicate with employees and deliver mobile self-service


We are proud to introduce you to Mumba LITE. The easiest way to deliver employee communications and self-service to a mobile and dispersed workforce.

Mumba LITE is for organisations seeking a BYOD mobility solution that is quick and easy to deploy. It’s a world first employee self-service portal delivered as a single app with a single interface and a single password - available on any device.

Our customers are using Mumba LITE to:

  • Communicate directly with their staff on their personal phones using rich media messages and push notifications
  • Provide access to various systems using a single login and password
  • Provide employee self-service tools for any Payroll, T&A, Learning systems and more

Mumba LITE is a streamlined version of the award-winning Mumba Cloud Enterprise Mobility Solution and is the perfect way to introduce mobility and communications at a low cost and in a short timeframe. Take a look at our communications module video (and other videos).


1. One-off implementation fee of $5,000 that includes:

  • App setup for iOS, Android and Web with custom logo and app name
  • Authentication integration with employee profile setup (used for Channels)
  • Setup of pop-out modules to external web apps

2. Flat Mumba LITE License fee of $1.00 per user per month (min $500 p/m)

3. Modules included under the LITE License include: Channels (communications) with push notifications, Employee Profiles and pop-out access to 3 external web app systems (e.g. Payroll, T&A, SharePoint, LMS etc.)

To learn more about how Mumba LITE can benefit your business in an extremely cost effective (and fast!) way, please contact us or Jeff Leibovici on (61) 2 8219 0911 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Prices are in AUD and exclude GST.

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We are proud to introduce you to Mumba LITE. The easiest way to deliver employee communications and self-service to a mobile and dispersed workforce.Mumba LITE is for organisations seeking a BYOD mobi...
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