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Internal Communications: The case for marketing to own it

Internal Communications: The case for marketing to own it

Because of its importance and immense value, internal communications is at the heart of what Mumba Cloud offers and delivers to many significant organisations across the world.

Internal communications can be utilised for a host of key tasks within organisations but needs to be optimally managed. In addition it should also have both a strategy and plan that details exactly what an organisation's internal communications objectives are, and how these will be delivered and assessed over time.

One of the most important debates taking place in recent times is: Who should own internal communications?

Whilst opinions are sharply divided, there is clearly no right or wrong answer in this regard as proponents of both views often make sound cases for their specific choice as to who should control internal communications.

This blog focuses on some compelling arguments as to why internal communications should be the domain of an organisation's marketing department.

The main arguments for giving control to marketing are as follows:

  • As highlighted in my last blog a company's brand is potentially one of the most important assets that it has. Marketing understands brand related areas better than any other department, including HR, and is therefore best equipped to promote and develop brands in all respects.
  • The marketing division has the training and skill set that is best suited to crafting the best internal communications strategy and plan, crafting content for the internal target audience and communicating this in the optimal manner, through the best channels at the right time.
  • Marketing has a distinct edge when it comes to creativity and is able to apply this in a way that is more likely to create an emotional bond with employees, than any other department. This is important across a wide range of areas including sharing information, influencing attitudes and behaviour and many others.
  • Marketing is traditionally that part of the organisation that communicates with external stakeholders such as customers and the target market. Whilst messages to different stakeholders may differ in content, they should be seen as being consistent from both a brand and communications perspective, as dichotomies are not only confusing, but can lead to a breakdown in credibility with the potential of even more negative outcomes.
  • With the above in mind, surely it is best to place both internal and external communications in the hands of marketing to ensure consistency across stakeholders, especially as the skill sets required to successfully reach both groups are essentially the same? In addition, this also means that many of the components of both internal and external communications strategies and plans can be synchronised and integrated in the best possible manner.

Whilst this blog has objectively looked at the case for making internal communications the domain of marketing, my next blog sets out the case for giving ownership to Human Resources.

Internal Communications: The case for HR to own it
Internal Branding: The Power of Communications

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