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How to Preserve The Value of Internal Communication

How to Preserve The Value of Internal Communication

Information has a value that decays over time. High value information needs to find its recipient as fast as possible in order to retain its value. Companies that struggle to communicate with their employees are literally leaking value every day.

Add this notion to the fact that many companies do not have a method to communicate with employees in the first place, and you have millions of dollars literally evaporating each day due to inefficiencies in internal communication.

The types of companies I'm talking about have inherent communication problems built right into their business models. Examples are franchise companies operating in retail and hospitality or blue-collar companies operating in construction, facilities management and transport. Any company that has a large and dispersed network of employees, contractors and part-time staff without daily computer access will suffer from immense losses in productivity and value.

There is however no need to point fingers or place blame on IT or management. Until recently, technologies have simply not existed that could allow these types of companies to effectively disseminate important messages and capture its value.
Only in recent times has enterprise social networking begun to offer tangible solutions to problems with internal employee communication.

Early social business networking systems have focused heavily on 'knowledge share' however we're now moving past these almost intangible objectives into applying business networking software to solve operational objectives.

A real example of Mumba Cloud's application allows large retail franchisees to relay real-time feedback to Head Office during weekend promotional events that can quickly be disseminated to other stores thereby maximizing ROI and sales performance.

Passing information down from management to employees via 'communication cascade' has plagued productivity for decades. Enterprise social networks are now delivering important messages directly to employees right on site, ensuring the information arrives unfiltered and accurate.

Companies turning a blind eye to these advances in business communication technology are not only forgoing the savings in productivity and increases in profitability but more importantly are losing competitive ground. This is because social business networking takes time to germinate (see The Enterprise Social Network Cultural Collision).

To get started, we at Mumba Cloud advise to start small. Identify up to 5 key areas of your business that could benefit from efficient internal communication. Then find a vendor that can deliver a solution to those objectives and grow the initiate from there.



Mumba Cloud is an enterprise social network specialized in internal employee communication for companies with non-office based employees. Now in its third generation, the Mumba Cloud platform is feature rich and highly configurable ensuring it can be easily customized to various communication objectives.


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