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How to Deliver Better IT Applications to Business Users

How to Deliver Better IT Applications to Business Users

I was recently drawn to a post by Michael J Groves in the Business Weekly on 9 August 2016. In his article entitled: End-users expect more from business applications, Groves discusses an important trend that Mumba endorses, whereby business executives are becoming more demanding of IT applications, irrespective of whether these are developed in-house or externally.

Like Groves, we concur that this trend does not only apply to hardened technology decision makers, but is equally true of other executives, including line of business (LOBS), across many organisations.

Groves outlines issues and courses of action in order to provide end users with precisely what they’re after in the business environment.

Groves’ first piece of advice is to accelerate the IT development process. He points out that in both their personal and professional lives, today’s employees place greater emphasis on speed in respect to the application, provisioning and deployment of IT solutions.

The failure to provide speedy outcomes is, according to the article, why there is now a proliferation of staffers who download web and mobile apps in the workplace without permission of the IT department, thereby introducing high level security risks to organisations.

The article quotes Vince DeLuca, CEO of Logicalis as saying that by recognising what the LOB wants (better, faster, access to technology services) and realigning departments to meet these requirements, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) have made significant progress in taking control of IT spend in their organisations.

Groves is of the view that ideally, rather than rely on internal departments, organisations should focus on contracting with third party mobile app development teams to develop the apps required for their organisation, on the proviso of fast and consistent service.

Mumba recognises that although many enterprises do insist on fast service as discussed, experience shows that there are major risks in rushing the development of apps, and other IT solutions.

In order for mobile apps, or IT applications more generally, to be optimised across key areas (including performance, compatibility, reliability, and security, etc), they must be thoroughly tested and enhanced where necessary, which is not an ‘overnight’ occurrence.

Furthermore, whilst we appreciate the need for promptness, and do in fact tailor make solutions for customers in a matter of weeks, this is only possible because extensive R&D and testing of our mobility platform has already been fully implemented over time. This makes our cutting edge mobility solution by far the best in terms of speed of delivery, total reliability, flexibility and cost efficiency, relative to other options.

The second piece of advice provided by Groves concerns optimising the cloud. In his view and ours, todays’ end users recognise the power and convenience of cloud computing far more than in the past. In fact, Mumba regards this as a major trend, which is precisely why we specialise in cloud based solutions. What this also means is that IT departments and external developers now have far more pressure to support applications in both on and off premise environments.

In addition to this, many business leaders now seek to adopt hybrid IT solutions blending modern data centres with cloud-enabled technologies, according to a study by BPI Network.

The advice provided is that to best coordinate app development efforts with cloud-centric strategy, business leaders should engage with vendors and service providers that can do it all: creating, powering and optimising applications with a single point of contact, which is exactly what Mumba stands for, and far more.

The last piece of advice provided by Groves is to stay on top of trends and provide LOBS with ongoing information that enhances performance and productivity, but ensuring that new technologies are relevant, tested and have the appropriate risk management initiatives in place.

We at Mumba recommend and apply these ideas consistently over time, to the benefit of our customers, their workforce, and all other stakeholders.

We look forward to discussing how best we can enhance your organisation through our leading enterprise mobility solutions.

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