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How Enterprise Mobility Software Impacts Blue Collar Workforces

How Enterprise Mobility Software Impacts Blue Collar Workforces

There is a general perception that technology in business is advancing at an unprecedented pace however, in reality, this isn’t necessarily the case - especially in blue collar industries such as Facilities Management, Cleaning, Hospitality, Catering, Retail etc.

Mumba Cloud’s Enterprise Mobility Software delivers highly effective Employee Engagement for companies with large and dispersed workforces, hence we are broadly exposed to the multitude of enterprises that do not utilise technology in ways that optimise their performance.

In September 2016, an IbisWorld report entitled Facilities Management Services in Australia examined the state of this sector in comprehensive detail. According to Ibis, this sector accrues revenue of $9.6 bn, p.a. whilst demonstrating an annual growth rate of only 0.5% over the past 5 years. However, the slow growth is expected to increase to 3.4% p.a. over the next 5 years as the private and public sectors seek to outsource their non-core business activities.

Significantly, due to its nature, this sector has a high percentage of remote blue collar workers hence Ibis highlights that Managing the Workforce effectively is one of the key areas for success in this sector.

Ibis highlights the broad significance of technology in this sector by dividing it into two components:

  1. The manner in which services are delivered, and
  2. The way in which a company’s internal resources are managed

The importance of utilising technology to manage both staff and contractors operating remotely, across multiple projects, is regarded as being of high priority, in that it impacts significantly on operational efficiency, reduces turnover, and enhances profitability.

For companies operating in this area, upgrading their mobile capabilities and reducing inefficiencies should be considered a key priority, considering the vast amount of paper processing that still abounds across areas such as leave, rosters, timesheets, approvals, pay slips, etc. As such, failure to install an efficient and easy to use mobile solution will prove increasingly costly as competitors gain advantages from moving forward in this respect.

Further to the Facilities Management industry report, In January 2017, Ibis released a similar report entitled Catering Services in Australia.

This sector turns $7.9bn p.a. and experienced an annual growth of 4.9% over the last 5 years, which is expected to fall to 2.8% p.a. over the next 5 years. Whilst this sector can be segmented in numerous ways, like the Facilities Management sector, it too has a large proportion of dispersed workers, mainly blue collar, many of whom are casual.

Ibis states that 2 factors for success in this sector are:

  • The ability to quickly adopt new technology
  • Access to multi-skilled and flexible workforce

In this industry and similar, delivering easy to use and effective recruitment, onboarding, induction, communication, and other Human Capital Management applications will play a prominent role in reducing operational overheads, improving staff attrition rates and increasing customer satisfaction.

The benefits accruing from an Enterprise Mobility Solution such as Mumba, are proven to assist companies gain the advantage in all the respects highlighted in this article.

More specifically, the use of Mumba’s “Human Capital Management” Modules provide an extremely cost effective way for organisations to deliver easy employee self-service and communication to their dispersed workers thereby improving workforce management, engagement and effectiveness.

In this regard, we would be delighted to advise on how Mumba can assist your company with its endeavours into Enterprise Mobility Software solutions.

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