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Gartner: Demand for Enterprise Mobility to Outstrip Delivery Capability

Gartner: Demand for Enterprise Mobility to Outstrip Delivery Capability

Last year, Gartner, the world’s leading information and technology research and advisory company, outlined reasons for the rapidly growing importance of enterprise mobile apps and provided insight into many related issues that organisations may experience. The Gartner summary can be viewed here.

Like Gartner, Mumba Cloud has not only witnessed these issues first hand, but we have taken steps to design our enterprise mobility solution around many of these trends, thereby helping our customers overcome the relevant issues raised in their report.

Gartner forecasts that by 2017 market demand for enterprise mobile app development solutions will be at least five times faster than the capability of internal corporate teams to deliver, maintain, and constantly update all that is needed.

In fact, research by Gartner in 2014 already showed companies were falling way behind when it came to developing new apps, with a significant number of respondents having done nothing at all in this regard.

The situation is exacerbated by the limited availability, and hiring costs, of specialist mobile developers, who still need time to learn and develop apps for specific outcomes. 

What all this means is that it will become more and more difficult to satisfy a diverse range of needs for apps and software in a system already battling to satisfy demand, and one set to flounder even more in the future. This is likely to lead to severe frustrations and inefficiencies from the perspective of both companies and staff for a myriad of different, yet compelling reasons.

This is precisely why Mumba Cloud’s world first, highly innovative single app and interface technology makes total business and financial sense. Mumba Cloud’s managed mobility solution has been proven to deliver unmatched value to our customers as we connect seamlessly to major backend systems and digitise manual and paper based processes, all within the same application. Whether our customers are mobilising payslips, leave processes, on-boarding, approvals, or simply enhancing internal communications, Mumba Cloud coordinates all these and far more, with the greatest of ease. 

Most importantly, the Mumba Cloud solution is managed for our customers for life, as well as being constantly enhanced over time. This means that our customers need not worry about upgrading for every new iPhone or Android software update as Mumba Cloud takes care of all security and upgrade patches throughout the contract lifetime.

Gartner advises companies wanting to overcome app development issues internally to integrate four major stages:

1) App development would need to be prioritised. Mumba Cloud assists with this stage by using an Agile implementation approach. This allows our customers to prioritise features and modules that are of greatest business importance.

2) A bimodial approach would need to be undertaken, involving both front and back end systems. Mumba Cloud front-end clients and back-end systems communicate through our internal API services thereby allowing us to fulfil the bimodial approach.

3) Rapid Mobile App Development Tools (RMAD) would need to be utilised. Mumba Cloud is in of itself a rapid mobilisation technology that would mitigate the risks associated with employees adopting and learning new tools, no matter how simple they may appear at first.

4) Adopting a mixed sourcing approach. This involves combining in-house and external inputs. The challenge here, though, is that security, integration and the quality of the end user experience needs to be carefully managed by professionals at all times.

In conclusion, Mumba Cloud and our customers are of the view that our managed mobility solution addresses Gartner's research and ultimately helps improve the bottom line through better allocation of resources and a more motivated and productive workforce. Furthermore it’s a highly cost efficient solution that’s also immediately available.

For more information, please contact us or call +61 2 9313 4280

Please note, Mumba Cloud is not affiliated with Gartner in any way. Any use of Gartner's brand or images is for information purposes only.

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