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February News - New Website, New Whitepaper and more...

February News - New Website, New Whitepaper and more...

Time flies, we’re already well into February and the New Year is truly underway. We hope that, like ourselves, it has also been a great start for you.

Unlike our previous newsletter, where we reviewed the past year to a large extent, we will focus totally on current and future events, which are most exciting.

In this regard we invite you to contact us about any of the areas covered including how Mumba Cloud’s simple yet powerful solution can help increase productivity across your business in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Company News

New Website

In keeping with our cutting edge accomplishments, Mumba Cloud is delighted to announce the release of our new and updated website.

In addition to being contemporary, unique and aesthetically pleasing the website is highly informative, easy to navigate and very user friendly.

We are delighted to have received a great deal of positive comments about the new site since its recent launch and you are most welcome to add your opinion in this regard. Click here to view the site.

Updated Solution Whitepaper

mc feb whitepaperWe are pleased to announce a major update to our complete Solution Whitepaper. Almost entirely re-written we have included a more thorough overview and a highly detailed specification Appendix. If you're new to our solution or have previously read the Whitepaper, we highly recommend that you download the latest version.

Tech News

Next Generation Mumba Cloud Platform

Mumba Cloud’s dedication to innovation and excellence is reflected by the upcoming launch, in March 2016, of our latest generation Front-end Ware solution, the current version having already established itself as a world first, unique in many respects.

This latest version, which has been in development for almost a year contains many innovative features that will add substantial value across a number of areas, over and above the existing platform.

mc feb dashboardKey aspects to note are:

  • An entirely new technology stack - written in NodeJS, AngularJS and Typescript
  • An overhauled API architecture using WAMP and Websockets
  • A modular design utilising MircoServices

We are extremely proud of the next generation Mumba Cloud platform so please contact us for a demonstration and make sure to download the Whitepaper.

Did you know?

Deliver a quick win within 6 weeks

One of Mumba Cloud’s major strengths is our Agility.

From a practical perspective, we have adopted an Agile project delivery methodology. This means our expert team can deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to your business within a matter of weeks.

This is an outstanding outcome because you are able to achieve a discernible ROI and deliver a quick win to your business within a very short period of time. Please contact us to find out more about how we achieve these goals.

Latest Thought Leadership

Mumba Cloud has a proud tradition of publishing professional blogs on topics that add significant value to readers.

Our latest blog entitled 10 Tips to Cultivating a leadership culture in IT and beyond highlights the fact that corporate culture is not one dimensional as some believe, but rather multidimensional.

As a consequence, our blog highlights ten areas that, when applied in tandem, have the potential to cultivate a great corporate culture in IT and beyond, within your organisation.

More than easy and enjoyable reading, this is a topic we know your organisation will greatly benefit from and a read we highly recommend.

Top 10 Leadership Insights from Tanveer Naseer
10 Tips to Cultivating a leadership culture in IT ...

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