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Employees Simply Don't Use Your Employee Self Service - Here's Why

Employees Simply Don't Use Your Employee Self Service - Here's Why

With the plethora of HR related systems today, Employee Self Service (ESS) has become a vital component in extracting the maximum value these systems can provide. For example, with self-service, employees can quickly and easily access payroll, personal records, training, recruiting, compliance and time keeping solutions, to name but some.

As is the case with technology in general, there are many different strategies required to gain the most value from an ESS solution. This blog highlights both a key benefit and an issue effecting the current state of employee self-service.

Key Benefits of ESS

Most agree that enterprises could easily benefit from the use of an HR system matched with a worthy ESS capability.

The most obvious benefit of ESS is that it alleviates the need for HR, and other departments, to engage manually in repetitive tasks, and allows them to focus on more demanding issues. By reducing paper and data entry errors while improving efficiency, large organisations would find ESS significantly enhances productivity leading to tangible cost savings and opportunities to increase revenue (e.g. a sales person can spend more time on the shop floor selling instead of dealing with HR admin).

In addition, ESS reduces frustration and improves employee engagement and loyalty thereby further impacting the bottom line - albeit in less tangible ways.

Key Issues with ESS

Not all HR systems with accompanying ESS solutions are created equally and many key factors such as costs, user-friendliness, ease of access, reliability, flexibility and security all need to be considered.

Perhaps the most pressing issue with ESS today is that even though employees may theoretically have access to systems, our research and experience has found that employees simply don’t use the services.

The primary reasons cited are because of complex and multiple logins, poor user experiences and lack of training. Let’s face it, most ESS solutions are delivered as responsive websites that do not live up to their name as they are slow, clunky to use and don’t render well across different phones and tablets. This point can be easily validated by analyzing your current usage across your ESS systems and asking employees their opinions.

The state of ESS today is that most initiatives are underutilized and are simply not delivering the promised value.

Mumba delivers the Employee Self Service promise

Mumba is revolutionizing ESS by tackling the key issues of access and usability head-on. Mumba aggregates and combines all existing HR systems into a single ESS portal that is available as a mobile and desktop app.

Each HRIS, Payroll, Time & Attendance, LMS, Finance, ERP, Intranet etc. system is combined into the portal and re-skinned with one user interface and one user login across everything. Our single user interface and login process is so easy to use that employees do not require any training.

This means your staff can easily access, view and transact with your existing and new HR systems any time and from any device thereby resulting in extremely high ESS usage. Most importantly, Mumba's approach delivers the value that ESS was always promising but failing to achieve.

As a practical example, once Mumba has been plugged into your systems employees can easily receive push notifications for leave approvals, view their payslips and rosters, submit timesheets, leave requests and safety reports, receive communications such as news and policy updates, book meeting rooms, carspots etc, all through a single app, with a single login and a single look and feel interface.

With Mumba, it is very simple to keep adding new features and combine information from many different systems, to create seamless workflows.

Mumba is also highly affordable and cost efficient, costing on average as little as 25% of other, less impressive options. In addition, it incorporates top of the range enterprise security, which is constantly monitored and enhanced.

Having established the value proposition of ESS as part of an optimal HR and operational strategy, we look forward to discussing how best Mumba’s world first, fully tested ESS portal, can best assist your organisation attain its objectives.

Please take part in our State of Employee Self Service 2016 Survey to share your thoughts and experiences.

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