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Compass Group to Unite Thousands of Staff Across Ten Brands and 700 Sites Through Mumba Cloud

Compass Group to Unite Thousands of Staff Across Ten Brands and 700 Sites Through Mumba Cloud

Compass Group to Unite Thousands of Staff Across Ten Brands

and 700 Sites Through Mumba Cloud

~ food services & support company uses social enterprise communications & collaboration platform to simplify internal communications ~

Sydney, Australia, August 26, 2014 – A project is currently underway to unite 13,500 catering and support staff across 700 sites and ten brands at Compass Group Australia. Using Mumba Cloud's social enterprise communications and collaboration technology, it will assist in addressing HR, internal communications, and IT challenges associated with engaging a large, dispersed workforce.

Compass Group Australia operates food and support services teams in business and industry, healthcare, education, defence, offshore and remote sectors. George Mifsud, Executive Director of HR & Risk for Compass Group Australia, noted the goal of the project is to connect all Compass Group employees across 700 unique site locations in the country via any computer or mobile phone device.

“Mumba Cloud will enhance existing efforts to improve communication between casual, part-time, full-time; office and non-office employees by allowing them to easily and quickly access company information and communicate with the business and each other. We see this as an important component for our employer of choice value proposition as we seek to increase staff retention, attract new talent and reduce costs of administration, training and on-boarding,” he said.

Mumba Cloud was first introduced as a pilot for Compass Group  in April 2010, and has been gradually rolled out to its approximately 3000 office staff with web access  this year. Mumba Cloud's newly launched next generation app optimised for mobile is now available to Compass Group’s 13,500 site-based employees, with many sites currently live. Mumba Cloud designed the app to be light on mobile data usage because the average employee may not have a work phone or a computer at site, or is based in locations where signals are not always strong and charges can be high.

In an industry with a dispersed workforce, connecting casual, full-time, part-time and shift staff via a social communication platform is a complex task, as is sharing information, conducting training, and communicating broader job opportunities within the domestic and global group. Mumba Cloud can be used to meet a wide range of these objectives.

“Our business is logistically challenging and Mumba Cloud offers a platform that suits our needs. Their team continue to work with us to deliver solutions and customise the capability,” added Mr Mifsud.

Mumba Cloud, allows employees to run competitions, surveys and communication campaigns with detailed reporting, all securely tied into payroll for easy automation and updates. It also helps staff communicate news and share updates with their colleagues, for example, events, or new site openings, together with corporate information.

“Mumba Cloud links our organisation via an engaging and secure interface to ensure staff feel connected to the larger company and strategic direction,” added Mr. Mifsud.

“Compass Group is running a sophisticated instance of enterprise social collaboration for its workforce. We congratulate the team on creating a very strong structure for communication and collaboration,” said Anthony Zets, CEO of Mumba Cloud.


About Compass Group

Compass Group (Australia) is part of the London Stock Exchange listed Compass Group PLC. Compass Group is a world leading food and support services company operating in around 50 countries, employing more than 500,000 people and serving over 4 billion meals every year. In the year to 30 September 2013, the company generated annual revenue of $31AUD billion.

In Australia, Compass Group operates across the core sectors of Business & Industry, Education, Healthcare, Fine Dining, Sports & Leisure, Defence, Offshore and Remote, Security Services and Facilities Management. Compass Group Australia employs more than 13,500 people at over 650 sites.

About Mumba Cloud

Mumba Cloud is an enterprise social network and collaboration platform designed for large companies with dispersed employees.

Mumba Cloud provides a solution for companies seeking improved communication, collaboration and engagement within their workforce. Mumba Cloud’s highly configurable web and mobile applications answers the key business questions including; how to break down business silos, share employee knowledge, increase employee retention and improve productivity.

First launched in 2010, Mumba Cloud is now in its third generation platform and has been acknowledged as the most comprehensive enterprise social software solution on the market today.

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