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Bridging the gap between conventional intranets and enterprise social networks

Bridging the gap between conventional intranets and enterprise social networks

Mention the Golden Gate Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge and London Bridge to anyone in your circle and you will initiate instant recognition and feedback of far more than functional attributes. In almost every instance there are also emotional links of many kinds.

This is because far from simply having immense functionality, the extended values of these iconic structures span countless areas including: tourism, being the subject of writing in many genres from holiday guides to nursery rhymes to novels, photographic images and postcards, movies, creativity generally and immense symbolism.

These, and other bridges, permeate our lives in many and substantial ways.

In fact an excellent broader definition of bridge, extending far beyond a structure and its support is: something that forms a connection between one group and another or between one situation and another.

So far as this broader definition is concerned we will expound on how key issues pertaining to intranets and so-called ‘enterprise social networks’ are able to bridge and optimise crucial areas within organisations and in doing so are able to enhance outcomes for all stakeholders.

In this regard, we can summarise some benefits of an optimised intranet as follows:

1. Improved Communications and Engagement

A well founded Enterprise Social Network can encourage communications in many ways and across key areas and tiers in organisations and help dissipate ‘silo effects’ to a significant extent. Shared ideas and feedback can also enhance engagement and team building across an entire organisation.

2. Streamlined Collaboration

As a consequence of the above, collaborative efforts will be streamlined and greatly enhanced. Sharing of ideas and information are powerful allies in this regard.

3. Management

Many types of management can benefit from intranets. These are intertwined from many perspectives and include:

  • Inter-organisational management
  • Project and cost containment management
  • Financial management
  • Multiple business to business management across the same organisation irrespective of the physical and time distance between employees and their numbers.
  • Data sourcing and management
  • Process management
  • Human resource management
  • Time management
  • Publishing management
  • Virtual and face-to-face meeting management
  • Vendor relations and management
  • Customer management

4. Brand Development and Management

A vital area we would like to highlight is that of brand development and management.

The latter bridges communications, collaboration and other forms of management to a significant degree and is a vital strategic component of all progressive organisations.

Social Collaboration Platforms

Philippa R wrote a most informative blog entitled ‘The Benefits of Engaging Your Internal Audience Socially’ which makes a very valid observation in pointing out that the line between personal and professional life is blurring more and more, as time progresses.

In this regard what are called social collaboration platforms for business (aka enterprise social networks) are said to go beyond intranets as they include additional elements with important functionality.

These additional elements are those present in successful personal social network platforms (such as Facebook) thereby enabling workers to collaborate in a more socially familiar and transparent manner.

Mumba Cloud recognises the many impressive benefits of collaboration delivered by social collaboration networks, including so called ‘working out loud’ i.e. being more transparent across an organisation and is an ideal system to bridge the gap between conventional intranet benefits and those delivered by enterprise social networks. In this regard we combine all essential elements on one comprehensive, easy to configure and flexible platform.


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