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August News - Featured Project, Demo Video & New Open Source Initiatives

August News - Featured Project, Demo Video & New Open Source Initiatives

August has been a busy month with lots of new projects and initiatives. One project worth highlighting is related to our eCommerce module that is being implemented to overhaul the Point of Sale process for one of Australia's leading retailers. Take a look below at our brief project overview and contact us to learn more.

'Channels' is one of our most popular modules because it allows companies to easily communicate time sensitive operational messages to groups of employees on their phones. Thank you to Jessica Williamson for putting together a 2 minute video demonstration of this powerful module.

Big news for developers; Mumba has become an Open Source contributor and some of our key technologies are being released to the community in our Open Source repo's. Please read our announcement for further information.

BYOD is always an interesting topic for executives and this Thought Leadership blog looks at the Risks, Benefits and Trends of BYOD over the past 5 years.

The technical section of our Complete Solution Whitepaper has been overhauled as we've introduced some big tech upgrades (e.g. our JSON Graph) so Architects, please take the time to download the latest version.

As always, we invite you to email us about any of the areas covered including how Mumba’s simple yet powerful solution can help increase productivity across your business in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Latest News

Featured Project: Mobile Sales Orders

mumba cloud popular intro image sales ordersMumba is excited to feature an interesting project as we deliver, to one of Australia's leading retailers, a completely automated mobile sales order system using our eCommerce module. This project involves the seamless integration of their customer database, inventory, accounting and ERP systems with automated marketing and CRM. This will allow sales people on the shop floor to check stock, create, edit, split and track sales orders, up-sell, offer new deals, manage pending sales and view reporting - right from their in-store mobile, tablet or desktop devices.

Mumba's integration also includes payment and third party finance systems to allow a completely seamless customer shopping experience - with emailed invoices and attached documentation.

This project will deliver significant benefits by speeding up the processing and management of orders, reduce errors and duplicate handling of data. Most importantly, Mumba provides an important and tangible upgrade to the customer shopping experience leading to increases in sales and return business.
In addition to sales orders, future phases will include staff being able to view their rosters, submit leave requests, timesheets and view store communications - all through Mumba's single app interface.

If you are interested to learn more about Mumba's eCommerce module please book a demonstration.

New Mumba Video: Channels Module

This month Jessica Williamson adds another video to our library for Mumba's Channels module.

Mumba Channels are used to push time sensitive operational communications to groups of employees on their phones.

Our Customers use Mumba Channels to send important announcements, health, safety, security, alerts, news, policy updates and more. Channels are primarily used for sending one-way push communications with full reporting and tracking.

Checkout the video here or please call us on 02 9313 4280.

mc jun channels banner

Did you know?

Mumba has become an Open Source contributor

mumba open sourceMumba benefits greatly from open source using technologies such as Linux, Node.js, Docker, Angular 2 etc. and so this month we are proud to announce that we have become an open source contributor.

If you're a developer or architect and are looking to explore some of our technologies then please head over to our official announcement to learn how to access our open source repositories.

Latest Thought Leadership

mumba byodBYOD has been one of the most important shifts in technology enablement within the current decade.

In August a handful of blogs were written analysing BYOD over the past 5 years in terms of the risks, benefits and trends.

In this month's Thought Leadership blog we take a look at these articles and summarise the BYOD industry.

The article is a great read for CIO's, CTO's and other executives interested in BYOD.

Mumba Solution Whitepaper

We know we are always updating our whitepaper, but this latest update is pretty big. We've introduced some new technologies (such as our JSON Graph) so please take time to download this latest version 4 for August and take a look at the technical section.

Please download the new Solution Whitepaper now.


Investing in Mobile Apps is Tricky Business
5 Years On: BYOD Risks, Benefits & Trends Examined

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