Proven Engagement & Employee Adoption

Mumba Cloud is used by many of the world’s largest companies to create frictionless engagement with their staff on their personal devices.

Mumba simplifies the drudging tasks that often consume important hours from an employee’s working life. By combining and simplifying the myriad of business systems into a single app that is easy to use, Mumba reduces employee frustration, complaints, service desk queries and personal admin and has been known to convert disenfranchised employees into passionate business advocates.

Mumba has thus proven itself to elicit very high levels of employee engagement and user adoption, especially within highly dispersed and remote workforces.

Mumba’s simple yet stylish interface looks the same across each of our Modules and works on any mobile, tablet and desktop device. The interface is so easy to navigate that any person could use the app without any training, leading to very low costs associated with change management projects.

Each Mumba Module is easily configured and integrated into any type of new or legacy IT system. This allows Mumba to deliver a robust solution in a short timeframe with a low cost compared to alternative solutions.

Our best of breed architecture offers unparalleled value, security and data privacy as Mumba complies with the most stringent security standards and all data is stored within Australian sovereign borders.

All of this allows our customers to deliver an essential solution to achieve operational efficiencies and increase performance with minimal business risk and in a very short timeframe. It just makes good business sense.

The key benefits of Mumba Cloud include:

  • High engagement & adoption with proven results – Mumba’s single app works flawlessly on the web and all devices and is easy to use without staff training
  • Agile software for nimble business leadership - customize and deploy modules to meet business requirements within weeks
  • Low cost off the shelf modules – A fully hosted and managed solution with off-the-shelf Modules that easily integrate and mobilise new and legacy IT systems
  • Eliminate security and project delivery risks - Secure ‘best of breed’ technology with proven track record, backed by enterprise SLA