Combine your IT systems with the same look and feel interface

Mumba Cloud is an Enterprise Mobility Solution for companies with large and dispersed workforces that have trouble connecting and interacting with their staff. Mumba eliminates the multitude of IT websites and apps by combining them all into a single, company branded app that has the same look and feel interface. Mumba is easy for everyone to use without any training, available on any device, is hosted in the cloud and is cost effective to deploy.

Suppose you’re sitting at home with your partner who’d like to take a vacation next month. Rather than having to go into work the next day to check your dates and submit a leave form, imagine if you could pick up your phone, check your schedule and submit it to your boss for approval. That’s an example of Mumba’s Leave Module.

Mumba is comprised of stylish Modules that are easily configured and integrated so that employees can update their details, view their payslips and rosters, submit timesheets and leave forms, access onboarding and induction, receive important communications, policies and messages, complete safety checklists, order from product catalogues, view work order tickets, purchase requests, expense claims and more.

Employees, managers and senior executives simply download your company branded app on any mobile, tablet or desktop device and are securely connected to systems, information and processes that immediately increase efficiency and productivity.

Mumba’s key benefit is that all our Modules are contained in a single app with the same look and feel interface, making it extremely easy for everyone to use without any training.

The Mumba Mobility Solution includes system integration, module configuration, hosting, software upgrades, ongoing maintenance and is backed by our enterprise Service Level Agreement.

CIOs & CTOs, please Download our Complete Solution Whitepaper.

  • Home Dashboard

    Access Payslips, Rosters, Leave or any other HR system right from your dashboard.

  • Notifications

    Wait for your phone to vibrate with the latest notification to approve or verify approval. Never miss a beat nor wait days for an approval as simple as clicking a button
  • Payslips

    Employees can easily access, print and email their payslips from the app. Connect to multiple on-premise and cloud based payroll systems simultaneously

  • Leave

    Integrate Leave into Kronos, Chris21 or any other Leave Request system you have. Employees can simply create requests, view their history and manage leave right from the app interface

  • Admin

    Easy to use admin features right from the dashboard. Approve leave, expense claims, onboarding processes and more with a few simple taps
  • Payslips

    Employees can easily access, print and email their payslips from the app. Connect to multiple on-premise and cloud based payroll systems simultaneously

  • ISS Facility Services

    ISS Facility Services

    “With the launch of the MyISS App, we are becoming an employer of choice for cleaners and support service staff, giving them direct, electronic access to their payroll and roster information empowers them and improves our efficiency. Integration with Kronos, our rostering tool, and other ISS technology is a game changer for how our employees interact with us.”

    Scott Erwin
    Director of People & Culture - ISS Facility Services Australia