Deliver Enterprise Mobility within 12 Weeks

The Mumba Enterprise Mobility Solution comprises various off-the-shelf Modules that cater for different business use cases.

In order to launch Mumba, simply pick your Modules and our delivery team configures the Modules for your specific business systems and processes.

Depending on the requirement, be it to provide access to Employee Self Service, or to replace a manual or paper based process such as Induction, On boarding, Rosters or Leave our expert engineers then configure the relevant Modules within a matter of weeks.

Mumba Cloud Modules follow a very advanced 'Microservice' architecture that allows for easy mix-and-match configuration on a per use-case basis. This ensures each Module closely aligns with specific business requirements, thereby providing a perfect solution every time.

While the Mumba Cloud User Interface (UI) is configurable in terms of labels, form fields, page elements and content on the page, our distinctive approach to style and layouts are consistent across the entire app and are based on extensive user testing and best practices.

This design standardisation enables our unique 'one app, one interface' approach to drive end-user adoption and ensure that Mumba Cloud is extremely easy to use without any staff training.

Mumba Cloud is continually developing new Modules in collaboration with existing customers and in accordance with our product road-map. If a Module doesn’t exist for your current process, then please contact us to discuss how we can build it for you.


  • ISS Facility Services

    ISS Facility Services

    “With the launch of the MyISS App, we are becoming an employer of choice for cleaners and support service staff, giving them direct, electronic access to their payroll and roster information empowers them and improves our efficiency. Integration with Kronos, our rostering tool, and other ISS technology is a game changer for how our employees interact with us.”

    Scott Erwin
    Director of People & Culture - ISS Facility Services Australia